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6 Safety Tips to Avoid Pedestrian Accidents

Accidents can happen anywhere. Any pedestrian crossing a road or walking beside a car is most vulnerable to severe injuries in a collision with any vehicle. Sixteen percent of total annual traffic deaths consist of pedestrians accidents. Most accidents occur due to reckless driving, but hard-headed pedestrians can also cause them. Contact Orange County personal injury lawyers if you or your loved one met with a pedestrian accident.

Safety tips to avoid pedestrian accidents

While the tourist zone of Orange County is comparatively safe for pedestrians, local pedestrians are at higher risk when they go out for walking, office, shopping centers, school, etc. When driving, always keep in mind that pedestrians are unpredictable, and you cannot tell where they will come from and what they will do next. Here is a complete guide for you to avoid pedestrian accidents.

1. Always slow down near pedestrian areas.

Pedestrian lanes are created for people to cross the road safely. As soon as you spot the roadside signs or zebra crossings, slow down because it gives you extra time to react if someone crosses the road. 

2. Look out for school crossing signs.

Many road signs announce school crossings and zones. When you spot such signs, slow down your car before and look out for any children on the road. Many children tend to forget to look both ways before crossing the street. 

It is also the exact reason why school kids are involved in road accidents. All you can do is be extra attentive and careful when driving around school zones because kids like to play and roam around the streets. Always move slowly and look out for kids that might cross without warning. 

3. Be patient when older and differently-abled adults cross the road.

Older people often take time to cross the road. Also, they might have impaired vision and can not notice your car due to aging. Blind people will need more time and care to cross the road. Most impaired vision depends on their sense of hearing. Always give them extra time and distance to keep them safe. 

4. Make eye contact with crossing pedestrians.

Pedestrians tend to notice if you have spotted them before crossing the road. Making eye contact with crossing pedestrians helps both communicate and avoid any casualties. 

5. Do not drive under the impact of alcohol or drugs.

Do not drive after the influence of alcohol or drugs because these substances decrease and affect your reaction time. Pedestrians will never know if the driver is under the influence. Drinking and driving put you and other pedestrians in danger, so avoid using any of these substances. 

6. Avoid distractions while driving.

Driving while calling or texting violates traffic rules and puts your and other people’s lives in danger. Do not use smartphones while you control the steering wheel unless you have a hands-free mode that has been paired with your car.

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