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Get Peace After Your Accident:
Resources for Car Accident Claims

Car Accident Claim

Are you getting over the shock of a recent car accident?

Car accidents increase the risk of whiplash, head injuries, broken limbs, and internal bleeding.

However, car accident injuries aren't just physical. Studies show that nearly 40% of all drivers develop post-accident PTSD. You can even develop PTSD with minor injuries or no injuries at all.

Car accident injuries, whether they're physical or mental, cost money to treat. If a car accident isn't your fault, you file car accident claims to receive a settlement. Your settlement should cover doctor's appointments, treatment, counseling, time off work, and recovery time.

How do you even start an auto accident claim? That's a great question.

Here are a few essential resources to have by your side.

Free Legal Services

Good legal representation costs money. However, there are free legal services available for low-income clients. You may be able to work out payment plans with firms, as well.

Are you a current college student? See if your college or university has free legal services for students. These services include legal advice, and low-cost or pro-bono lawyer referrals.

Student legal services can help with the following legal issues:

  • Child custody
  • Traffic violations
  • Marriage and divorce
  • Disability assistance at school
  • Tenant issues

Students and other low-income clients can also contact legal aid societies. These non-profit organizations represent clients who can't afford lawyers. However, you would need to apply to see if your case is eligible for aid.

Do you know any law students? Talk to them, and discover what to do to find a great lawyer.

Legal Information Websites

What's the first thing you do when you have a legal question? You check Google, of course!

The internet has made vital legal information much more accessible to the public. The best part about these sites is the massive legal glossaries. You can learn basic legal terms, case precedents, traffic laws by state, federal laws, and more.

There are also legal internet forums where former clients discuss past experiences. Talking to people in the same boat helps when you're navigating the legal waters alone.

Many of these websites have legal form templates, too; these are helpful since you need a lot of paperwork for your case!

Contact the National Bar Association

Remember, every lawyer must pass the bar. The "bar" refers to the legal exam administered by the National Bar Association. Once an aspiring lawyer passes this exam, they're admitted into the association as a real, practicing attorney.

The association keeps a database of all current, active lawyers. However, you can contact the association directly about pro-bono legal services.

The association also has volunteer lawyers who answer legal questions free of charge. You can also find this service on free legal information sites. In fact, your question may have already been previously answered and published online.

Win Your Car Accident Claims

You deserve experienced legal help despite the cost. Remember these free and low-cost alternatives as you file your car accident claims.

Do you need more resources to boost your case? More tips are just a click away. Follow the blog for the latest updates.

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