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The Real Cost of a Fender Bender

Fender Bender

How much does a fender bender cost? In 2019, nearly 40,000 people were killed in car accidents. While the risks of death in a fender bender are low, there are other issues here.

You may need to repair your car and depending on the accident, you may also need to visit a doctor and get treated for injuries.

In this guide, we're going to take a look at the average fender bender cost in terms of personal injury and car repair costs. We will not look into legal costs as they depend on your location and other factors. For example, hiring a reputable columbia car accident lawyer in South Carolina will likely cost less then hiring one in Washington D.C. Are you ready to learn more about what might happen if you're involved in an accident? Then read on!

How Much Does a Fender Bender Cost In Car Repairs?

While a fender bender is normally a very minor incident, this doesn't mean that the repairs are going to be cheap. If your front fender is bent by the collision and is beyond repair, then you'll need to get it replaced.

Getting a bumper fixed can cost you $1000 but it can even cost over $2000 in some cases. The final cost will depend on your car, with more premium cars costing more to replace. If other parts of your car have been damaged, for instance, if your hood has been damaged, then you'll need to shell out for these repairs too.

Extra Costs From a Fender Bender

If you were injured in the fender bender, then you will need to factor medical costs into the equation too. As we all know, a trip to a doctor can cost a lot of money. If you've broken a bone or suffered from whiplash then you will need to undergo treatment and be prescribed drugs, which will make the costs skyrocket.

Treating a broken arm, for instance, will cost you around $2500 if you don't have insurance.

This means that in a bad scenario a fender bender could end up costing you $3500-4500. All of that from a tiny accident!

Who Will Foot the Bill?

In the case of car accidents, the person who has to foot the bill is the person at fault. We would recommend that you don't admit fault even if you think it was your fault. This can make your insurance premiums increase.

Instead, let the insurance companies decide who is at fault. You should ensure that you have a good insurance policy that will payout for the accident too. If you don't have car insurance, you should apply for a provider that has the best perks available and can cover the damage costs.

One Tiny Accident Could Change Your Life

As we've seen in this article, the true fender bender cost can be surprisingly high. A small accident that is caused by a momentary lapse of judgment could end up costing you thousands of dollars.

If you have been found at fault in a car accident and would like to contest this, then we would recommend lawyering up and finding a solid lawyer with experience in defending people in civil cases.

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