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The Importance of Taking High-Quality Photos and Videos before Using a Rental Car

Do you want to leverage the benefits of a rental car? Damages are one of the most common problems people face while renting out a car abroad. Many people suffer from the severe scare and end up paying for the damages to the vehicle that they haven’t caused. 

Many dishonest rental car agencies know that most people will return their cars without any damage. But to loot the customers and make more money, they try to transfer the cost of the customers, even knowing that the damages caused to the car weren’t because of the customers. This is particularly common in cases of more expensive rental cars. 

In some times, it’s also human error. Car agencies fail to notice the minor scratches or dents on the car and the customers next time end up paying for someone else’s mistakes. 

Here are the reasons why taking videos and photos of rental cars are important...

The Reasons to Document before Using the Rental Car 

Many people face a common problem after renting out a car is that they are charged extra money on their card for the dents and scratches on the car. Most of the time, the customers don’t know even if the damage exists. Not to mention, they also don’t possess the necessary documentation that would prove their innocence. In such cases, you either need to start a war with the rental car company or end up paying for the damage, knowing that you’re not one to be held accountable for the damages to the car. 

This is why you need to pay close attention to the car offered by rental car agencies. Check for damages before and after using the car. When the agency provides you with a rental car, make sure you have clear documentation of the overall condition of the car. Many rental car companies will inspect the car before giving it to you as well as inspect it with you. After that, they will generate an invoice stating the damages to the car to reduce your fear of overpaying for the damages you didn’t cause. 

If you don’t want to face any disputes, make sure you document both the exterior and interior of the car. This way you can showcase proof if they try to blame you for the damages. If you’re searching for a rental car company where you can rent and return cars without any disputes, contact car rental Melbourne

How Can You Take Photos and Videos?

The best and most effective way to document the condition of the rental car is by using your smartphone. As per Oppo, modern smartphones come with extremely powerful cameras and GPS features. The photos and videos you take of the rental cars on your smartphone will always be of high quality. 

After you record everything, make sure you either create a backup or upload the documentation on your Google drive. 


Now you know why documenting the condition of the rental car is important before using it. Don’t forget to visit our website if you need the best rental cars in Melbourne. 

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