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Personal Growth After a DWI Charge

Getting a DWI (driving while impaired) charge can be both traumatic and life-altering. For some drivers, the act may be out of intentional gross negligence while others were not even aware that they were past the legal limit. 

A DWI charge means that you either had a blood alcohol concentration of more than 0.08% or were intoxicated with other types of drugs. 

The consequences of a DWI charge will highly depend on the specifics of your case. Factors that the prosecutor will consider include intoxication levels, previous DUI charges, past criminal offenses, and whether you had other occupants in the car such as children. It is also possible to get a DWI dismissed, especially if your charge was a misdemeanor or a first offense. 

As a punishment, the accused might get a jail term, license suspension, hefty fines, or compulsory alcohol treatment before getting behind the wheel again. All these can disrupt your life in unimaginable ways but it is not the end and you can bounce back. 

According to Medscape, drug addiction is now the leading cause of injury-related deaths. Rehab is more than ever essential to addiction treatment and saving lives - see Finding the Best California Rehab Center.

How to Achieve Personal Growth After a DWI Charge

Maintain Sobriety

After a DUI charge, it is crucial to remain sober so that you handle the aftermath with a clear mind. Avoid people and places that might tempt you to drink or use drugs. 

If you identify behaviors and signs of alcohol abuse, consider enrolling in a rehabilitation center for professional help. This will look favorable in the eyes of the law because it proves that you are taking the necessary steps to reform. But the biggest benefit of maintaining sobriety is the improvement in your health and overall quality of life.

This resource will educate you about alcoholism and its role in your life and the life of your loved one. There are no single causes of alcoholism, and there are several signs alluding to the fact that someone has a problem.

Find Valuable Forms of Support

When going through court processes and the aftermath of a DUI charge, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Your life changes because you have to find someone to drive you, experience financial losses, or a jail term. Ensure that you have enough support from friends and family to get you through this period.

You can also look for a qualified counselor who has helped people with DWI charges get over the traumatic event. This is important because it prevents you from turning to more drugs in a bid to relieve the stress. 

Look into Getting Your Record Sealed or Expunged

Yes, it is possible to get your DWI charge record sealed or expunged. However, this is always a complex process that requires the legal expertise of an attorney. This will also depend on the state laws of the area you were arrested in because some places do not allow a DWI charge expungement.

In addition, you must have completed all the probation and fine requirements, and do not have any other pending court cases.

Revise Your Expenditures and Other Finances

A DWI charge comes with a lot of unforeseen expenditures that it is possible to fall into debt. 

Fines, penalties, and court fees might accrue to tens of thousands. For a favorable court outcome, you will also need to hire legal services. Further, a DWI charge can cause a significant increase in your insurance premiums. If you are sentenced to a jail term, you will lose your source of income, which will be harder to acquire after getting out. 

These changes will require that you re-evaluate your expenses so that you remain afloat.

Getting Back on the Road

Depending on the DWI charge, you might get your driver's license suspended. This is especially true if the court identifies that you have an alcohol problem, past DUI charges, or caused injuries and other damages while driving under the influence.

Getting back your license might require you to get a court-ordered alcohol treatment and take additional driving classes. Ensure that you comply with the court and DMV guidelines, and then reapply to lift the suspension.

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