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Packaging Strategies for Your Automobile Business

Packaging Strategies

While it's true that Packaging is essential to add glamour to the products to enhance their value, it is also a fact that protecting the product is the basic need of Packaging especially in the automobile industry. From the small machines to the large engines, every auto part needs protection.

More than 40% of the vehicle industry accounts for safe and protected Packaging during transportation. Moreover, there is an estimation of $86.5 billion spent in the export of auto parts in the U.S. This means safe Packaging is a crucial element for the loading and transportation of the products either at a small distance or at large distances.

OBT Packaging can also help in this regard. It manufactures top-notch packaging products to use at home and for all kinds of vehicles and small to large auto parts. Moreover, their custom auto part boxes are well-fitted for every product, giving extra protection while loading, unloading, transit, or transport of auto parts.

Let's discuss further strategies used for the Packaging for the automobile businesses.

Strategies for Automobile Businesses:

Packaging Strategies

Here are the things that need to be considered while packing an auto part in the vehicle industry:

  • Weight of the product
    There are thousands of auto parts vehicles that need to be packed. While packaging the first thing to consider is the weight of the product. Lightweight and a small auto part require small boxes. In this case, tuck top auto bottom boxes are made, providing safety with high customization of the design and size. They are sturdy enough to hold heavier weight and are easy to transport too.
  • Size and Design
    Estimating the size of the product is essential to estimate the size of the box. If a product is bulky and heavier, a large box is required to be customized according to the size of the product.

    For such large parts, handling and loading is a difficult task. So, for that, it is crucial to make a design in such a way so that you will find ease while loading and unloading the product.

  • Thickness and Material
    Thickness and the material are the most important factors to consider in the automotive Industry. A sturdy and durable material selection is necessary to ensure the ultimate safety during loading and transportation. If your auto part is bulky, you need to use a hard and sturdy material, not the plastic and the simple cardboard, that will lose sturdiness, and there will be chances of damage and skipping out the product from the box.
  • Internal Packaging
    Internal Packaging includes the strategy that will add some braces or hooks that can internally hold the product in the box at a fixed position. This will help no movement of the product and damage will be avoided.Customization of the portions can also be made to separate the different auto parts of the one product to fit it in one box.
  • Custom Packaging
    Using custom packaging is getting a product according to your selections. Get the Packaging of your auto parts according to your own choices. The tuck top auto bottom boxes are made of corrugated materials ensuring optimal protection, high durability, and small to large customizable sizes.
  • Multi-material Packaging
    Multi-material packaging means a double-layered packaging material is used to give ultra-protection for the delicate parts. It can be possible while loading damage can occur at the moment. To avoid that, make sure to use a double layer of the same material or use two different materials that are sturdy so that there will be more safety ensured.
  • Sealing method
    The sealing method is another factor to consider. Not all the products and auto parts are small and light-weighted, the heavier they are the more sealing protection. It is required. Make sure to use the water-activated tape. It has a high crossed weaved fiber that will protect it from damage and ultimately the box from opening. In case of damage to the product, clients will claim their money back and also the product. For this, use air sac inflatable Packaging, a well-fitted packaging for heavier products.
  • Security seals
    Security seals and tapes are also good to use on the box while closing it. These can be made of the brand logo to increase the brand value while giving security during the transition of the product.
  • Protection during transportation
    For transportation, optimal protection is needed. For example, in case you are transporting a metallic auto part, then there can be chances of getting cuts from the product and rusting, so it is good to use a packaging material that will not cause rust. And it is also to be ensured that the ends of the box are highly folded. VCI papers and barrier films can help in this case.
  • Branding and pricing
    Besides protection, it is also to consider the brand value. For this, you need to add a logo to your packaging boxes. Be competitive and make a unique product to attract customers. If you sell the right and actively demanded thing, you can get paid more than the demanded price. 66% of customers can easily pay for a sustainable product. Hence, to get more revenue and give flying colours to your automobile business, it is necessary to consider the customers' needs.

Importance of Packaging for Automobile Businesses

  • The main need for Packaging is to ensure protection. If a product is shipped without good Packaging, there are many chances for damage to that product.
  • Good Packaging with top-notch material will also ensure a safe and friendly environment.
  • A brand value is also increased due to the quality packaging provided by the custom auto parts boxes.These boxes are highly durable and made of high-quality material for ultimate safety.


Hence, all things considered, you have learned the importance and strategies of Packaging for your automobile businesses. Adapt these strategies and make your business flourish in the market.

OBT Packaging will also provide high-quality Packaging with complete protection and a brand market value.

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