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Is Owning an Airplane Worth the Investment?


Do you love flying? Maybe you live for your next adventure in the skies or you're an important business person who has to fly every week?

Either way, you might be considering the cost of owning an airplane versus the cost of traveling in first-class or renting a suite onboard a passenger plane.

There are many factors to consider. Here's everything you need to know.

1. Safer in the Time of the Pandemic

Flying in a private jet can be a safer alternative during the current pandemic. You are not having to share your space with other people who might have been infected. You can ensure the team that flies on your jet are all tested before they attend to you.

It's also an option to have your jet sprayed down with disinfectant before you get on board to ensure there is no virus present on surfaces.

With all these measures in place, you can avoid having to wear a mask on board which can be uncomfortable.

You can also avoid having to go to a terminal and wait with other passengers. You can instead be taken directly to your private jet.

Here are some more advantages of buying a signature fbo for your travels.

2. Consider First Class or a Private Suite

Flying in a private jet can be expensive so you might also want to consider flying first class or in a private suite. These can be more economical than buying a private jet and can often be more luxurious.

The best Middle Eastern airlines such as Emirates offer suites with an onboard shower, a separate living room and bedroom, gourmet food, and round-the-clock service.

Many first-class seats also offer great value for money compared to buying a private jet. However, you might also want to hire a private jet for a one-off, as in some circumstances this can work out cheaper.

3. How Much Do You Travel

Whether a private jet offers value for money over a suite or a first-class seat depends on how often you travel.

If you make a journey once or even twice a week then you could find yourself forking out tens of thousands even millions each year on flights. Remember flights get more expensive the less in advance you book them. So if you book each week you could be costing yourself much more than you would if you bought or rented a private jet.

Remember that the value of a private jet decreases rapidly over time, in the same way, that a car does but a lot faster. So you will also need to factor in this and may need to replace your jet every few years.

Cost of Owning an Airplane? Consider All Your Options

The cost of owning an airplane can be quite high but you need to take into account several factors. How often you fly is a big issue? And remember if you fly often with a big airline they often have loyalty schemes that could offer a discount.

If you are interested in learning more about the cost of owning an airplane be sure to check out the rest of our sit.

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