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New Changes to the MOT Test
Post the Coronavirus Pandemic

The MOT test is a mandatory test that people in the UK have to handle annually after their vehicle turns three years. The MOT comprises of a series of tests to check the vehicle safety, roadworthiness, and exhaust emissions and whether they are in line with the law in the UK. However, in light of the Coronavirus, all tests from the 30th of March to the 31st of July were temporarily pushed forward allowing people to book MOT tests in August, even if they were expiring a little earlier.

What are the various tests done at the MOT?

The MOT works on a series of tests on cars, but vehicle owners should be sure to have them matching all the requirements before applying for the test. There are many instances where the same MOT registered garage fixes the car before going through the test, but if a person has a regular garage that they work with, they should get their car earlier.

Although the MOT test was temporarily pushed, people were still allowed to apply for it, if they choose to. The tests were conducted following all the safety precautions and rules put forward by the Government. While this was the case, the month of June saw about 1.6 million people register their vehicles for the MOT tests since they did not want to wait longer to handle the test after August. Furthermore, MOT renewed or not all vehicle owners had to make sure that their cars were roadworthy which is one of the reasons why they should have been able to clear the test in the first shot anyway.

The MOT externally checks the engine and the fluid levels in a vehicle along with the general safety standards like making sure no engine lights are glowing on the dashboard. They also check the air pressure in the car tires and make sure the windscreen doesn’t fog up while having the proper cleaning liquid levels.

What are the changes made to the MOT tests?

The new MOT tests were pushed out, post the extended period that the vehicle owner received on the 1st of August. There were a few changes made to the test, including taking the system online. People could now check MOT online since the entire history of their vehicles was put up, all the way from 2005. They would even receive information about the previous MOT test that they took, all the work that was done on the car and the work that they needed to handle.

Furthermore, people could check MOT, and some MOT registered garages sent a person to their house to collect their car and get them tested. After getting the vehicle tested, they would drop them back home, without the vehicle owner having to leave the house, which was useful for people who would not leave their homes if they were isolating or recently entered the country from another country.

With the backlog that the country was facing, it made sense for people to get their vehicles repaired through local mechanics and only get them registered and tested at MOT centres.

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