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All You Need To Know About Bike Towing

The companies for motorcycle roadside assistance offer a wide range of services and minor repairs. These companies ensure that your bike is back in proper working condition. If your bike breaks down suddenly, you can call professionals for bike towing in Sydney.

Bike Towing

The motorcycle towing companies in Sydney can offer complete or stand-alone services that can be helpful for you. However, before you work with any such company, you should check if they have relevant services and insurance or not. An insured company will ensure that if anything goes wrong during their service, they will bear the charge for it.

What to consider for bike towing in Sydney?

Motorcycle towing isn't as easy as it appears to be. While it can be pretty easy to tow a vehicle, you need to be extra careful when you are towing a bike.

The riding season is around the corner, and many people will set out on the process. As a motorcycle enthusiast, you may have helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, etc. However, your prime concern should be to safeguard your bike. While you are familiar with all these basic things, you must also know about bike towing.

You never know when an emergency will arrive, and you need reliable services for motorcycle towing. Many companies provide the service for cheap towing in Sydney. Therefore, you can keep a check on all the factors.

Given below are some of the essential points that you must remember about bike towing in Sydney:

Bikes can endure more damage than cars

Although this fact may be surprising for many, it is true. Our bikes can withstand more damage than a car, and compared to any other vehicle, a bike can easily fall off. Nonetheless, when you are towing a motorcycle, you will need to consider different factors.

If you have not been in an accident, talk to the driver once. Let them know about the situation and ensure that they aren't carrying your bike in any manner that can lead to it falling off. No matter how careful you are about your motorcycle, there will also be space for movement.

Even the slightest uncontrolled movement can lead to the bike falling, which can cause significant damage to your vehicle. Therefore, you must consider telling the trailer driver to maintain a speed at which the bike does not move.

Plan the route

When you opt for bike towing in Sydney, you must plan the route correctly. Not only will it be beneficial for the rider who tows, but also for the rider whose vehicle is being towed.

You should consult the trailer driver and find a route you both are comfortable travelling. Since you will be towing your motorcycle, it is advisable to choose a route that you are familiar with. Furthermore, it would be best to consider choosing a route that has less to no traffic.

Towing a heavy-weight vehicle can often pose a threat to other passengers on the road. Therefore, in these cases, it is advisable to take a less travelled road. Before you begin your journey, you must consider consulting the routes, which will help maintain a smooth flow while driving.

Adequate strapping

When you are towing your motorcycle, you need to ensure enough strapping is available to control your vehicle. You should consult the towing company about the quality of their straps.

The highest-quality straps ensure the vehicle is tied on properly, and this also plays an important role in preventing the bike from frequently moving while it is being towed. Even when you choose cheap towing in Sydney, always ask them about the straps.

Certain companies rely on regular ropes or bungee cords. While these may prove extremely efficient in the initial stages, these do not bear the result. You do not want to keep any spare space that can damage your vehicle.


It isn't a good idea to load your bike using ropes. Therefore, it is advisable to check if the company provides ramp service. Lifting your bike using ropes only increases the chances of damage. What if the rope breaks? It can cause breakages or cracks.

There will be no risk of falling during bike towing in Sydney due to sturdy ramps. It is advisable to ask the company to provide ramps designed for towing.

Maintaining the tow

Once you have towed the motorcycle, you must ensure that it is maintained until the destination. It is advisable to check the tension of the tow strap. If the tow strap loses its tension, it can cause abrupt movement. This will, however, lead to frequent jerking that may put your vehicle at the risk of damage.

It is the responsibility of the bike towing company. The rider must maintain a specific flow to ensure that the bike is attached and there is no risk of falling. Furthermore, a safe speed should be maintained in such emergencies.


Bike towing in Sydney can be a complicated process. Therefore, you should consider the assistance of professionals. A reliable company, such as Foxman Towing, can provide you with efficient services for motorcycle towing. Moreover, they are extensively affordable and can prove to be beneficial for you. Contact them if you are ever stuck in any such emergency.

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