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5 Things You Need to Dress Up Your 4WD Car

Dress Up Your 4WD Car

Every 4wd vehicle owner understands that investing in a 4wd capability means allowing your vehicle to navigate terrain and drive with more acute speed, control and traction. The driving experience however, can be even more tailored for a unique, comfortable, and exciting experience. Read on for five different off road car accessories you can use to dress up your 4wd car!

Solar Roof Rack

The solar roof rack is a great utility if you're looking to possibly expand the carrying capacity of your vehicle. If you're transporting large amounts of cargo or luggage, the solar roof rack is able to distribute the weight of that cargo across the roof of your vehicle, leaving more space for your passengers and driving experience while also securely fastening solar panels for a sustainable and transportable energy source wherever you and your vehicle may go.


Car coil springs are especially constructed to absorb impact when you inevitably take your vehicle off-roading or encounter rougher roads. For reliable suspension springs, which are steel wide gap coils that have been reliably tested to work with the accompanying shock absorber to ensure that you have the smoothest drive possible.

Shock Absorber

If you want your vehicle to be a smooth drive, ensuring that you are equipped with the latest, up-to-date shock absorbers is necessary to regulate your vehicle’s suspension. Shock absorbers are especially customized to work with springs to absorb the impact your vehicle can expect to encounter on the road. 

Side Step

Looking to spruce up your passenger experience? Consider the side step, an expertly engineered panel of steel that can securely mount to your vehicle for a more seamless passenger experience. Not only does the shadow side step provide a more accessible experience for entering and exiting your vehicle, this product also comes with a motion sensitive LED signal light that will sense whenever your vehicle door opens or closes, so that you'll never stumble or miss a step, no matter how long your drive.

Roll Bar

If you're anticipating a lot of wear and tear on your vehicle, anticipating a lot of off-roading, or just want to be prepared for the safest and smoothest driving experience, a roll bar is a great investment. The expert configuration of roll bars are manufactured from the highest quality steel and specifically designed to offset the tilting of your vehicle when you encounter sharp turns, curves, or large bumps on the road by balancing the weight of your vehicle across all your tires in a tighter, more efficient way. In addition, roll bars are configured to connect to your car battery and sync with your vehicle's brake, reverse, and spot lights for a safer and more aesthetic driving experience.

Nudge Bar

Nudge bars are a great accessory to your vehicle if you're looking to protect the front bumper in style while also buffering your passengers from frontal impact of anything your vehicle might come into contact with. The nudge bar features a steel tube that will nicely frame your front license plate and act as a nice shield for filtering and hiding the front bumper of your vehicle from dead insects, dust, and other elements. In addition, the nudge bar features aerial mounts for a seamless installation experience, as well as two LED cube lights that frame your license plate and add a nice boost to the impact of your vehicle's presentation.

Rear Bumper

With an incredible tensile strength, rear bumpers are a great way to make your vehicle safer and protect from rear collisions. With mounts for shackles to increase the functionality of your vehicle and a support sensor that supports all original factory sensors, this is the ultimate accessory for those concerned with making their vehicle as useful as possible while also adding an element of personality and passion to your vehicle presentation.

Whether you’re interested in functionality or appearance, each of these five accessory options offers a way to customize your 4wd car for something that uniquely speaks to your needs.

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