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9 Things Every Motorcyclist Should Know
About Lane Splitting

Lane Splitting


Motorcycle lane splitting occurs when a motorcyclist drives between two lanes of stopped or slowly moving traffic. It can be a great way to get through traffic quickly, but it is also dangerous.

Here are nine things you should know before you lane split.

1. Check Your State's Laws

Lane splitting is legal in California, but it is not legal in all states. Before you lane split, make sure it is legal in your state. You can contact the Law Offices of Ivan M. Diamond to see the penalties for lane splitting. You do not want to get pulled over and end up with a ticket or points on your license.

2. Use Caution

Though it may be legal in your state, you should use caution when lane splitting. It can be dangerous if you are not careful. When done correctly, it can help you avoid traffic and reach your destination faster. Even if you are an experienced driver, it is always best to err on the side of caution when lane splitting. That way, you can avoid an accident and reach your destination safely.

3. Watch for Cars Changing Lanes

One of the dangers of lane splitting is that drivers in other lanes may not see you. They may change lanes without looking or not signal when they change lanes. Try to ride in the middle of the lane so that drivers in other lanes can see you.

4. Watch for Opening Car Doors

Another danger of lane splitting is getting hit by a car door. This can happen if a driver in another lane opens their door without looking. When you are lane splitting, look for opening car doors. If you see a door starting to open, slow down or move over, so you do not get hit by it.

5. Do Not Split Lanes Too Close to Other Vehicles

It would help if you were careful not to split lanes too close to other vehicles. The driver may not see you if you are too close to a car. They may change lanes without looking, or they could turn right and hit you. Always give yourself enough space to maneuver around other vehicles.

6. Split Lanes at Low Speeds

You should also avoid splitting lanes at high speeds. This can be dangerous because it is harder to stop or avoid other vehicles when you are going fast. If you need to split lanes, do it at a low speed so you can stop if necessary.

7. Do Not Weave In and Out of Traffic

Do not weave in and out of traffic when you are lane-splitting. This means do not go between two cars next to each other and then move over to another pair of cars. It is dangerous because it is hard for other drivers to predict what you will do. It is also hard for them to see you if you constantly move around. If you need to split lanes, do it in a straight line so other drivers can see you.

8. Use Your Horn

If you need to, use your horn when you are lane splitting. This will let other drivers know you are there and may help them avoid hitting you.

9. Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Finally, always be aware of your surroundings when you are lane splitting. This means paying attention to the traffic around you, as well as the road conditions.

Lane splitting can be a great way to get around traffic and reach your destination faster. However, it's important to be cautious and aware of your surroundings when you do it. Always check your state's laws before lane splitting, and use caution when you're on the road.

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