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Do People Really Get Into More Car Accidents at Night?

Car accidents at night

It's no surprise that the volume of traffic dwindles significantly as it gets dark and the night sets in. That means that the volume of road accidents at night, when compared with the daytime rates, is less. As you read this article, you'll find that information only superficially reassuring.

It seems the statistics of car accidents at night tell their own compelling story that you're wise to listen to. In this article, you'll read about some of those statistics and contributing factors to nighttime accidents, and some of the risks involved in driving your vehicle late at night.

Scary Statistic

Did you know that about half of fatal accidents occur at night? That might make you think you've got a 50/50 chance but don't forget that more accidents overall occur in the daytime because of the volume of traffic. That means that if you do have an accident at night it's more likely to be fatal.

Basically, everything gets worse at night because the driving conditions are much harder than they are in the daytime, and other risk factors can increase the severity of accidents when they do occur.

Sobering Reminder

In the States, 1 person dies every hour from drink driving-related accidents. That's a statistical average, but it stands to reason that more people tend to drink in the evening when it is already dark.

If you don't have to be out on the roads late at night, then there is no doubt it's safer to stay at home.

Prime Time

Car drivers are not the only ones at risk when out at night. Primetime driving between 6 pm and 9 pm seems to be the window when pedestrians are most likely to have an accident involving a vehicle.

Often, this is because pedestrians are not wearing bright-colored clothing and cannot be seen in time. Also when the seasons are transitioning, people may leave the office when it's light, but get home in the dark and are not properly dressed for those conditions.

Nighttime Factors

The human body wants to sleep at night. The change in light triggers a natural response in the body that causes us to feel drowsy. Sadly that feeling can lead to serious accidents at nighttime.

A drowsy driver will have a slower response time and is at greater risk of driving into the back of another vehicle. If that has happened to you, check out this link for advice.

Another factor that contributes to accidents is the difficulty adjusting your night vision when the interior lighting of cars is too bright. This is especially true in cars that have bright touch screens and in-car entertainment options.

Avoid Car Accidents at Night

In this article, you've read about the risk of car accidents at night. While it is true that overall you're more likely to have an accident in the daytime, it is also true that if you do have an accident at night it's more likely to be more serious.

This is because the risk factors like drink driving and poor visibility increase at night. If you do have to be out at night, take extra special care. You can read more thought-provoking articles on our site that match your lifestyle and interests.

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