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Low-Cost Airlines - Is It Worth Using Them?

Foreign travel is no longer the domain of the rich. Flights have become more and more accessible to the working classes. With the introduction of low-cost airlines, most people can arrange to fly to another country for their holidays. You don't have to have a big win on jackpot bells to have your time in the sun.

No Frills

This is the name given to the budget airlines. Costs to the company are kept as low as possible so they can then offer cheap flights. There are none of the niceties that traditional airlines provide. You don't get a meal, although there is the option to buy something once the flight starts. There is no entertainment, and often luggage must be paid for. It’s also quite likely that you will not land in the main airport at your destination but somewhere a little further away.


As mentioned, the low price. It could be the difference between going abroad and having to stay in your own country. Even the airport used has an advantage. Due to the airports used, there will be less of a cost to park. Car rental could be needed as transportation from the airport if the airport is far enough away from the city you are staying in or using public transport. This will be an expense, but it is also a way to do some sightseeing. You are starting your holiday as soon as you arrive.


You do not get the same experience as you do with a traditional company. There is no food or drink unless you pay. There does not appear to be the same amount of legroom, although some are starting to improve here. Luggage is another issue. Not all airlines provide the same weight allowance and can be stricter when enforcing it. It is essential to check which airport is used. If you are not landing at the main airport, you may have to arrange events to allow extra travelling. 

It could also mean an early start when you return so that you could miss breakfast. Prices are not always as cheap as they are shown. The price you see is the starting price. There are surcharges and taxes to add on and sometimes even a charge for the way you choose to pay. The luggage allowance may be a blessing as it will prevent you from taking far more than you need. A short-haul flight could only last a short time, and so you won’t be too uncomfortable with reduced legroom.

The Decision

Once you understand how a low-cost airline works, you need to decide if it is worth your while or not. If time is not an issue, the extra travel may not be a problem. Ask yourself if you need food or drink provided when you can as easily take your own.

The decision as to whether to use a low-budget airline has to be a personal one. Consider what each airline would charge and what you would get. If you don’t mind the cheaper one's limitations, then go ahead and arrange your holiday.

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