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5 Keys for Safe Driving

Safe Driving

Do you know how many car wrecks occur per year? There is an average of 6+ million accidents in the U.S.

Although this is a staggering number, there are things you can do to make driving safer. Staying safe while driving on the road takes knowledge, preparation, and practice.

No matter how long you have been driving, attentive practices are critical. This guide will examine 5 keys for safe driving.

1) Avoid Distractions

The most important goal of driving is to get from point A to point B safely. Everything else should take a back seat. To this point, one of the main keys to safe driving is avoiding distractions.

There are countless potential distractions when driving a car. The radio, AC, and phone are among the top disturbances. A distracted driver is a dangerous driver. Ignore these extraneous aspects of the car until it is safe to focus on them. Multitasking behind the wheel is a recipe for disaster.

2) Obey Speed Limits

This is something you've heard a thousand times. However, you may view it in a different light after hearing the data. The NHTSA has determined that driving over the speed limit plays a role in more than 26% of fatal car crashes.

Speeding traffic laws are put in place for a reason. The posted limits aren't only for personal safety. They contribute to the safety of pedestrians, cyclists, and other drivers. Beyond this, speeding gives a driver less control, worse fuel economy, and is illegal.

Running late is never an adequate reason to put yourself and others in danger. Zutobi is an online learning platform that specializes in helping you prepare for and pass your permit test in a fun, engaging way.

3) Practice Defensive Driving

As a driver, you can never be sure what other cars are doing. As such, it's important to learn to drive defensively. In other words, drive with your head on a swivel.

Defensive driving is about keeping an eye on the cars around you, preparing for unexpected maneuvers, and knowing your route. Enhance safety by knowing what is going on around you and where you are going. The more drivers that practice defensive driving, the safer the roads will become.

4) Give Yourself Space

It's no surprise if you felt traffic getting worse. There are so many people trying to get places at once. More cars, more shipping, and delivery trucks are everywhere. This link will provide more info.

While you can't do anything about the number of cars on the road, you can give yourself a cushion. Most safe driving research suggests leaving 2-4 seconds of cushion between you and other cars. This will give you time to make safe decisions.

5) Watch the Weather

This isn't often considered, but the weather can be a significant road hazard. Depending on the forecast, poor weather can decrease reaction time, visibility, and vehicle control.

It is particularly important to check the radar if you are planning a long journey or driving on the interstate. Heavy rain or snow requires vigilance. Give yourself space to operate and room to make decisions.

Consider These Keys for Safe Driving

Remember, getting where you are going safely is the foremost objective when driving. Yet, if you follow these keys for safe driving, you can improve your chances and limit dangers. Be safe and vigilant behind the wheel.

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