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Can I Keep My Personalized Number Plate
When I Sell My Car?

Have you recently purchased a set of your own Personalized License plates, but need to sell your car? There are a few ways you can possibly be able to keep your new Personalized License Plates without having to apply and purchase new ones for your new Vehicle. The DVLA has advised other previous buyers to have their Vehicle Registration Number on hand as well as their Driver’s License, their Bank Statements, and their Utility Bills to ensure their Addresses are correct. Then once the buyer brings all the right Documentation to the DVLA Department, they must also show proof that their vehicle has passed inspection and guidelines accordingly to the DVLA’s regulations and policies. The next step owners can take once they have met the guidelines include filing a transfer document to be able to transfer your new Personalized License plates to your new vehicle.

Other ways buyers and vehicle owners can transfer their new Personalized license plates to their new vehicle even if they have sold their previous car, they have had registered with their personalized license plates include filling out an NSW form so buyers can reserve their license plate numbers for a new vehicle or for later use. This NSW form, allows the buyer to be able to keep a hold of their license plate numbers by having the license plates be held at the Service Center at the DVLA on hold till you want to use them for a new car.

The DVLA has offered other buyers’ different ways of being able to either purchase new personalized license plates for new vehicles or if the buyer is looking to transfer their new plates to a new car include researching the right type of license plate that fits your vehicle and finding the best price for personalized license plates with ease. One of the biggest questions the DVLA is always asked by buyers who are looking to transfer their license plates to their new vehicle is, does it take long to transfer my license plate numbers to my new car? The answer to that is, no it roughly takes the DVLA over 1 to 2 business days to properly transfer your license plate numbers to your new vehicle which is faster than any other type of company that offers these transfer abilities. Other companies take a little bit longer to be able to process their transfer mainly due to differences with the processing parts of the applications between the DVLA and other companies.

With both of these key factors in mind, the DVLA has been known to bring and offer their client’s the fastest process for their client’s transfer applications, such as the amount of time of the application process and the simplicity of the application process. Both factors give their clients peace of mind and the satisfaction of knowing their transfer application for their Personalized license plates will not take a ton of time to be approved. Previous buyers have all stated they enjoyed the DVLA’s hard work and dedication to their clients and the needs of their clients when it comes to either transferring their clients’ plates to another car and the fast process of purchasing their new Personalized license plates. The DVLA offers different ways for the Client’s to be able to find their transfer forms and a faster way for them to begin their transfer process which includes bringing their documents into the DVLA Department Offices or uploading their documents on to the DVLA’s Service Center online. With their Client’s being able to upload their documents or being able to bring in their documents to the DVLA’s Office, gives their client’s their own choice of how they would like to begin their process, and this allows determines how fast their application will be processed and finished.

Well, what if you decide you want a different set of Personalized License plates for your new vehicle instead of using your other set of Personalized license plates, client’s must contact their DVLA Department and inform them of their request for a new set. Client’s must also either deliver a handwritten request to go with a new Personalized License Plates for their new car or they must come into the DVLA Department Building to fill out the new License plates application, either way, this process will take up to 21 days to process and give client’s their new license plates for their new vehicles or car. Both processes allow the client’s the ability to ask questions or ask for advice if they need to, whereas if they were to apply online they would have to either call or email the DVLA Department for help

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