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Get Power and Efficiency: Infiniti G35 Coil Pack and Eliminating the DEF System

Get Power and Efficiency

Automotive enthusiasts are always on the lookout for ways to improve their vehicle's performance and unlock its hidden potential. Infiniti G35 owners and diesel engine users have two options: The Infiniti G35 coil pack and removing the Diesel Exhaust Fluid system (DEF). The modifications promise improved power and ignition for gasoline engines and freedom from emissions restrictions for diesel engines. This detailed analysis delves into these modifications, revealing the mechanics behind them and the questions they raise.

Eliminating DEF System

Discover how to eliminate DEF system from your diesel vehicle for increased performance and a simplified driving experience.

Role of the DEF system

Modern diesel engines use the Diesel Exhaust Fluid system (DEF), which reduces harmful emissions. Nitrogen oxide is one of them. DEF reacts with the harmful gases in exhaust to create fewer toxic substances.

Why Elimination is a Motivated Act

Diesel truck fans may choose to remove the DEF due to the system's complexity, the maintenance required, or the fact that they believe it negatively affects the engine performance.

DEF Delete Process

To remove the DEF, you will need to remove several components including the DEF tanks, the SCR catalyser, and the sensors. Professional expertise is required to complete this process. Legal and environmental consequences must also be carefully considered.

Infiniti Coil Pack 

Infiniti G35 coil pack is an integral part of the ignition system, which plays a major role in the performance of the engine. The coil pack (also known as ignition coil) is responsible for producing and delivering high voltage sparks to ignite air-fuel mix within engine cylinders. Many enthusiasts upgrade the coil pack to improve ignition performance, and possibly gain more power for their Infiniti G35.

Ignition Revolution - Introducing Infiniti G35 Coil Pack

The Infiniti G35 Coil Pack, at its heart, is a contemporary interpretation of the ignition coil. The coil pack is made up of a number of separate coils that are each linked to a particular spark plug. The coil pack converts the low voltage electrical current sent by the engine control module into a high voltage pulse that is directed at the spark plug.

Improved Ignition Performance

Upgrades to aftermarket coil packs can improve ignition performance. Improved coil materials and design often result in a stronger and more consistent spark. The combustion is more efficient, as the mixture of air and fuel burns completely. This results in a smoother operation of the engine, an improved throttle response and in some cases even a small increase in horsepower or torque.

Installing and tuning the device

Infiniti G35 coil packs are easy to install. Installation is relatively easy for people with modest mechanical knowledge, as most coil packs can be used to replace the original factory units. To fully reap the benefits, it is recommended that you pair the coil pack upgrade with an engine tune-up. The tuning adjusts engine parameters in order to optimize ignition timing and fuel supply for the upgraded coil pack. The upgraded coil pack is maximized by this harmonious combination.


In order to optimize your car's performance, you must strike a balance in enhancing the vehicle's power while maintaining environmental responsibility. Infiniti G35 Coil Pack promises to ignite your gasoline engine with improved ignition efficiency. This will lead to smoother operations and possible power gains. However, removing the DEF will challenge the complexity of diesel emission reduction. This could potentially cause harm to the environment or violate regulations.

When you are navigating these upgrades, it is important to conduct thorough research, seek professional advice and consider legal and environmental issues. You can make informed decisions that are in line with your objectives and drive with confidence knowing that you have made modifications to your car that will impact its performance as well as the environment and automotive landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it make sense to eliminate the DEF system?

Legality varies from region to region. It's legal to use it off-road, but it is prohibited for public roads because of emissions laws. Before proceeding, check local laws.

Does an upgraded coil pack improve fuel economy?

Although an improved coil pack may lead to minor gains in fuel economy, its impact on fuel efficiency is typically negligible when compared with other factors.

What are the environmental implications of DEF system removal?

The removal of the DEF can increase emissions harmful nitrogen oxides. It is not only a violation of emission regulations, but it also causes air pollution and harm to the environment.

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