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How Much Does It Cost to Learn to Drive?

Learn to Drive

Learning to drive can open up a world of exciting opportunities and give you more freedom to travel anywhere you want independently. However, with the price of driving lessons, driving tests, and car insurance, learning to drive is a tad bit expensive.

To help you keep on a budget when learning to drive, we have researched the appropriate rates and tallied up the total costs to give you a rough estimation of learning to drive.

Cost of driving lessons in UK

Applying for a Provisional License

The first step to getting on the road as a driver is to apply for a provisional license. It can cost you around £34 when applied cost or around £43 if you apply via post. If you want to save money, we recommend applying for the provisional license online.

Driving Lesson Cost

On average to learn to drive properly you need approximately 45 hours of driving lessons with an additional 22 hours of driving practice to get ready for the practical test.

The cost of driving lessons may vary depending on your location but on average, driving lessons can cost you approximately £25-£30 per hour. You can also make a saving here by going for package or introductory rates.

A good driving instructor will also let you know if you are already ready for your practical driving test before completing 45 hours of training. Moreover, you can save more if you have an experienced friend or family member who can take you out for additional driving lessons.

You can google driving instructors near you. For example, if you live in edgware, you can google the best driving lessons in Edgware.

Driving Tests

Theory Tests Cost

Before you get to the practical driving test, you have to sit for the theory test. You can take the theory test immediately after receiving your driving license number from the provisions license. However, if you want to ace the exam better try to get some driving experience on the roads before sitting for the exam.


If you want to improve your chances of passing your driving theory test, you can use a driving theory app which can cost you around £5 for a month.

Practical Driving Test Costs

The practical driving test is the final step to getting your full driving license. The DVSA usually charges £62 for practical driving tests on weekdays and around £75 for tests on the weekend.

If you wish to use the car of your driving instructor on the day of the test, it can cost you around £30 for an hour. The test can last for about 40 minutes with some additional time for eye and other tests.

Car cost

If you are not planning on using your instructor's car on the day of the practical driving test, you can buy your own car or use your parent's car. The average cost of purchasing your own first car in the UK can cost you around £3,410.

Learner Insurance

Many insurers in the UK provide dedicated learner driver insurance. This type of short-term, flexible cover provides protection while you prepare for the practical driving test.

If you have received your driving license and you have started with your professional lessons, opting for learner driver insurance will enable you to get additional experience behind the wheel with a friend or family member's help.

After you clear your driving test, you are required to get your first car insurance policy. The average premium cost for drivers aged between 18 to 20 years is around £972.


The tax will depend on whether you have purchased a new car or a second-hand one. The highest possible annual tax for second-hand cars can range around £150. The tax amount will be higher for new vehicles.

Money Saving Tips for Learner Drivers

The cost of getting your car and learning to drive can be costly for many of us. Here are a few money-saving tips to save some pounds on your insurance premium.

  • Adding your partner or family member as a named driver on your shared car can reduce your insurance premium and balance the risk. However, we are not proposing 'fronting'.
  • Get a black box insurance policy that will monitor your driving by installing a small black box in your car. It builds a picture of your driving skills and allows the insurance to reward your safe driving by charging a lower premium.
  • Try not to overestimate your annual mileage when opting for insurance as this can make you pay for a higher-risk premium than what is actually needed. Provide your insurance company with a realistic mileage figure.

Summing Up

Though it may be a bit expensive, getting behind the wheel is an unmatched feeling. However, make sure to learn to drive properly and maintain your peace of mind before sitting for the practical driving test. Once you get your new driving license, you get to hit the roads.

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