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How to Find a Good DUI Lawyer?

driving under influence

One for every 180 licensed drives in the United States face arrest for driving under the influence of liquor. Facing DUI charges can become a very stressful experience for any individual but, hiring a good DUI lawyer can take away a significant part of your stress. If you are caught under these charges, it is vital to know how to find a good DUI lawyer. He can help you escape from the jail terms and heavy penalties that can range up to $20000. In most cases, authorities can charge you with more than one section while convicting you for DUI. An experienced lawyer can help you to understand the nature of these charges and formulate a plan to proceed in the best way. Below are some of the expenses that a convict under DUI have to realize:

  • Heavy fines by courts
  • Restrictions and curbing of driving privileges
  • Costs related to incarceration
  • Temporary or permanent loss of job
  • Court costs and attorney fees
  • Fees relating to Monthly monitoring

Benefits that you can get by hiring a good DUI lawyer

  • Easing your mind – DUI charges and facing conviction for it can make you faces overwhelming stress. A good DUI lawyer helps you countering this stress by providing guidance and support during the proceedings. He can also help you to secure special orders from courts to prevent your detention.
  • Conducts careful scrutiny of your case – By doing a critical examination of your case, he can make sure that you do not face a jail term for little or no reason. It is common for people to suffer such charges due to the unreasonable behavior of the police. Your DUI lawyer will examine all evidence that can prove vital in your case.
  • Preservation of Evidence – DUI lawyer can make sure that the evidence that can work in favor of your case should get damaged during the conviction process. These kinds of evidence generally include blood samples, video footage, and many more. He can also inform you regarding the importance of evidence that you might not know.
  • Prevent you from having a permanent criminal record – Charges of getting arrested for being alcoholic while driving can ruin your career. If the prosecution proves your crime, it can stay in your state records for more than five years. You can also face many other problems such as trouble in getting a job. Most employers conduct a criminal record check for candidates. Knowing how to hire a DUI attorney can help you to prevent a criminal record.
  • Preventing the Loss of DL - Cops can cancel your driving license if you are found guilty of DUI. An experienced DUI attorney helps you to keep your driving license even if the prosecution proves the charges. Furthermore, he can also try to reduce your punishment by using all the evidence in your favor.

Tips for how to find a Good DUI attorney

driving under influence

1. Create a list 

You can take help from several resources to search for the best lawyers handling the DUI cases in your region. You can start with the personal recommendations from your friends or can also research the state bar association’s website to find out leading attorneys for DUI matters. You can also seek advice from the lawyers who assisted you with other legal affairs. Taking the help from attorney article directories such as is also a good idea. There are plenty of online resources that you can use to find out the attorneys near you. Some of the most valuable resources to create a list of DUI attorneys in your area are:

  • The National College of DUI Defense
  • The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL)
  • California Attorneys for Criminal Justice (CACJ)
  • State Bar Association in your state

2. In-person consultation

To find out an attorney who is best in comfort level and confidence, you must take on in-person consultation with the candidates you selected on your list. You may choose the individual lawyers or even hire services from the law firms who will use their expertise to bring you out of trouble. Candidates can present a lot of information during these consultations, and you need to keep track of it. Below are few points that you should keep in mind during in-person consultations:

  • Be upfront about all the facts of your case
  • Make sure to bring all DUI related documents 
  • Talk to an attorney about his experience
  • Find out who will be handling your case, if you hire a law firm

3. Evaluate the experience and qualifications

It is vital to consider the qualifications and experience of attorneys before hiring them. By checking this aspect, you can prevent yourself from the law firms and lawyers waiting to rip your pockets. Always hire an attorney who has outstanding achievements in their career and education. If you are hiring a law firm, you can choose to visit the official websites of those firms. You should make sure to consider the below points to evaluate the suitability of a DUI lawyer for you:

  • Check for the license of the Lawyer
  • Do not hire an attorney that has been disbarred
  • Hire an attorney who has an extensive experience and training in DUI
  • Find out the law school of Attorney
  • Check the ethical record of the potential lawyers

4. Compare the fee of different Lawyers and Law Firms

The final thing you need to decide after selecting the most suitable lawyers is to compare the fees they charge. If you have financial limitations, it will be better to stick with lawyers who fall well within your budget. The cost of DUI, not including damage to life or property, ranges from $4000 to $10000 in many states. Many factors play significant roles in the structuring of the Attorney’s fee. You should understand and analyze these factors before making the final decision.

A DUI has a significant impact on your life in many ways so, it is always important to know how to find the best DUI lawyer for a competent representation during convictions in court. Always make sure to hire an attorney who is the best match for your interests.

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