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Honda Jazz 2020

Honda Jazz 2020 All New Honda Jazz Malaysia called Honda FIT comes in 5 types which were introduced at the Tokyo Motor Show 2019. Honda Jazz is divided into 5 types namely: Basic, Home, Ness, Crosstar and Luxe.

The hallmark of the Honda Jazz with its spacious cabin and good functionality is still maintained in the New Honda Jazz 2020 model (FIT). Entering the 4th generation since 2001 Honda presents 5 types of Honda Jazz as mentioned above.

All New Honda Jazz 2020

The latest Honda FIT (Jazz) is claimed to still be accepted globally and is increasingly suitable for today's new era. In the future Electric cars will be present more intensively. Honda did not stay silent; Honda also prepared a Honda Jazz Hybrid version.Honda Jazz Hybrid car comes with 2 motors that were developed to create a better environment while driving comfort. The Honda Jazz Malaysia Hybrid car is included in the HEV model, which is the name used to communicate Honda Hybrid car products with 2 motors that focus on hybrid and electric systems.

Honda Jazz 2020

Comfort of the Honda Jazz 2020

As informed by Honda, the All new Honda Jazz 2020 comes with 4 pillars of comfort. Wonder what comfort Honda is giving to its new product.

Comfortable View
The latest Jazz has a front pillar structure that is different from the previous generation. With the new front pillar structure, the visibility is now wider with visibility superior to previous genes.

Comfort looking at the front did not reduce the element of safety. Honda claims the energy that might arise during a crash can still be absorbed properly by the body of the vehicle itself.The appearance of the cabin also looks neater. The top of the instrument panel is designed flat horizontal. Besides the front wiper is also not visible from inside the cabin so it is more comfortable for the driver.

Honda Jazz 2020

Seating Comfort
The Honda Jazz front seat now has features that can stabilize the body of the person sitting on it. This new feature makes the driver more comfortable and not easily tired. The seats are soft too.For the rear seats have a feature like the previous generation of seats. seat shape is bigger and thicker so it is more comfortable for passengers. The seats are on par with the upper-class sedan seats.

Ride Comfort
The presence of the Hybrid version with 2 engines provides comfortable driving, steady acceleration and more environmentally friendly.

New Honda Jazz provides spacious cabin comfort that supports the high mobility of its users. Seen from the stress-free layout in the storage area so that passengers and drivers become comfortable even for long distances.That's 4-comfort given by Honda through their latest Honda Jazz. Next informs 5 types of the latest Honda Jazz 2020 models.

Honda Sensing is a Standard Feature for all Types of Honda Jazz

Home Type
Honda Jazz type home trying to realize a car with a relaxing space that is carefully designed by combining colors and materials. Leather upholstery fabric and steering wheel wrapping from genuine leather.

Honda Jazz Type Ness has an attractive color combination. The seat has been wrapped in water-repellent material and a soft instrument panel surface. Ness type is sportier and more fashionable.

Crosstar Type
Crosstar type Honda Jazz has an exclusive exterior design with 16-inch aluminum alloy wheels. Has a seat with an anti-wet layer and also the instrument panel with a soft surface?

Luxe Type
Honda Jazz Luxe type has more comfort level which can make it more comfortable in the car. It has 16-inch aluminum wheels, with chrome platinum exterior. In a display of higher quality.

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