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HB3 LED Headlight Bulbs

  • Brighter Than Halogen: With a luminous flux of up to lm per set, and Kelvin color temperature, HB3 LED headlight bulbs that adopted double-sided ZES chips produce a bright white, daylight-like beam, improving your visibility. They let you see farther and wider in the night-time driving.
  • Beam Pattern: Good LED headlight bulbs are not the ones that produce the strongest light. It’s the ones that have LED chips that mimic the halogen light bulb filament closely. The scattered light is useless for driving. 
  • Fitted With: Beam pattern technology, HB3 bulb concentrate beams that shine further down the road that will not be blinding oncoming vehicles with a clear cutoff line, perfect for low beam replacement
  • HR Life Span: We do not want a bright LED headlight bulb that needs frequent replacement. The brighter the light, the more heat it produces, so it shorter its lifespan. HB3 LED headlight bulbs are built with an RPM high-speed cooling fan which is the most effective way to pull the heat away from the LED chips so they can be bright enough and not burn out, ensuring the bulb is more than, hours of continuous lighting.
  • Minutes Installation: Thanks to the directly plugged wireless design, non-polarity socket, and compact size, you can install the led headlights with ease in minutes.
  • Vehicles Compatible: HB3 LED headlight bulbs built-in intelligent IC driver, compatible with % of vehicles’ system. Canbus is ready and error-free. But for some sensitive cars, an additional decoder or anti-flicker harness may be required.
  • K Daylight White: Natural light, will give you a more comfortable night-time driving, and your car will get an instant style upgrade with a modern high-end look. While K blue light will weaken the penetration of light and causes eye strain. Now top automotive lighting for every type of vehicle is available on SuncentAuto. So must check it out now.
  • High Brightness: Higher visibility than halogen bulbs, which makes the street signs and the painted lines of the road much more visible even in bad weather.
  • Reduce the Risk of Accidents: With the ultra-focused chip, higher on the passenger side to illuminate road signs and lower on the driver's side to prevent blinding other drivers, which ensures the safety of you and others.
  • Mins Plug and Play: Inch diameter mini base design, no need to modify the housing and cover, which gives you more space to install and saves your time.
  • Years Lifespan: aviation grade aluminum heat sink offers 100% higher heat dissipation efficiency, even after hrs of use, led bulbs are as bright as the original.
  • Better Driving Experience: The LED bulbs are 100% brighter than Halogen bulbs have 100% wider vision than other bulbs, and a focus beam pattern illuminates reveal road signs, without blinding other drivers.
  • Feet High Visibility: The bulbs centralized full beams, allowing you clearly see deer off to the side, avoid repair work and accident, and take it easy through rural areas, and deserted highways.

Years Lifespan: With heatproof glass coating chips, the bulbs can perform well even if you drive hours every night, it last times longer than halogen, not dim for years.

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