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5 Hazardous Truck Features That Can Lead to Truck Accidents

Hazardous Truck Features

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There are many dangers associated with trucking. As a driver, many risks can crop up on the road anytime. These risks can lead to truck accidents and cause serious injuries or fatalities. Truckers must be aware of the hazards and take precautions accordingly.

If you work in the trucking industry or spend time around semi-trucks, then you probably know some of these danger-inducing innovations all too well. While intended to make driving safer and more efficient, they often do the exact opposite. Here are five hazardous truck features that can lead to truck accidents:

1. Size

The truck's size has a great deal to do with how safe it is. Larger trucks can carry more weight and thus be more efficient, but they are also more dangerous, especially when they’re involved in an accident. Large trucks are often involved in collisions because they have trouble maneuvering around smaller vehicles on the road; this makes them harder to see and easier to lose control.

In Gainesville, Florida, truck accidents are more cause of car accidents. For fatal accidents, the size of the trucks could be a common cause of truck accidents and a reason for compensation. If you are involved in a truck accident, it is important to contact experienced truck accident attorneys from reputed law firms.

2. Blind Spot Detection

Blind spot detection systems are designed to alert drivers to the presence of another vehicle in the driver's blind spot. They are helpful when trying to avoid a merging vehicle. However, they can also lead to accidents.

This is because a driver can become so focused on the blind spot that they can miss something in the road ahead, such as an obstacle or another vehicle. When this happens, a truck accident occurs, and injuries occur. This is because trucks have much more weight and momentum than cars, which makes them more difficult for drivers to control during an accident.

3. Lane Departure Warning System

This sensor monitors your speed and automatically alerts the driver when straying from your lane. It’s supposed to prevent truck accidents, but it leads to many more. The sensors are often very sensitive, leading to false alarms that result in unnecessary braking and swerving. This can cause a truck accident.

4. Automatic Emergency Braking System

Automatic Emergency Braking Systems (ABS) uses sensors in the truck to detect an approaching object and automatically apply the brakes. This is intended to help prevent accidents. However, this system can lead to truck accidents if it fails to kick in time or if it doesn’t work properly.

5. Rollover Protection System

The rollover protection system is a device that prevents a truck from flipping over during an accident or when it's turned. In the early days of semi-trucks, these systems were usually made of steel and were not aesthetically pleasing. Today, however, they are designed to look like the front ends of luxury cars and sedans.

While rollover protection systems protect drivers from flipping over after impact, they also make it difficult for drivers to maneuver their vehicles in heavy traffic. This can be extremely dangerous because it makes it harder for them to avoid other trucks or obstacles on the road.

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