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What Will Happen to a Car
If It’s Neglected for a Long Time

car if neglected

The idleness of your vehicle can be very harmful, and it doesn’t matter where you left it—on the street or in a garage. Sitting idly in one place for a long time can damage the condition of the automobile in many ways. What will happen to your car if it’s motionless for a long time?

Sometimes, things require you to leave the car in one place for several months, and cars for sale or auction cars may be left outside for a period of time.. Many specialists say that the automobile can last up to six months without much damage. If you have to keep the car turned off for an extended period, be prepared for the fact that problems may arise.

The Battery Will Run Out

Unfortunately, the battery in a gasoline or diesel car isn't eternal, and it cannot hold a charge forever. If the engine doesn't start for about a month or so, the accumulator will lose some of its charge. According to widespread information, six months is enough time for it to completely fail, and then you have to buy a new battery.

Due to the prolonged lack of charging, the accumulator capacity may decrease, especially in winter. That is why it would be very difficult to turn the car on. Besides all that, if you have an automatic gearbox, you can only start the vehicle by replacing the battery.

Tires Can Go Down

Car tires are designed for a constant change of pressure points. Therefore, even when it seems to you that you have put the car into immobilization, in a month the tires can simply be lowered.

The downtime pressure goes to one side, and flat areas appear in the tires and the air pressure decreases. Along with that, there may be roughness that will cause a tire explosion while driving at high speeds.

The Brakes Will Start to Rust

It’s enough to leave the car without movement for several weeks or months, and the first rust will appear. It will begin to merge the disc to the pads, and this will lead to a deterioration in the braking effect.

In addition, an unpleasant creak may appear, as if someone is running metal on glass. The only way to avoid this is to drive the car at least once a week.

The Fuel Pump Will Be Broken

Fuel is also not eternal, and although many do not believe in it, it can deteriorate. The shelf life of gasoline ranges from 3 to 6 months, and diesel retains its properties for 6 to 12 months. After this period, the fuel becomes viscous and can clog the fuel pump. If it gets obstructed, the fuel will either not pass in the right quantity or stop getting into the engine at all. Therefore, you won’t be able to start the car.

Condensation Will Appear In the Fuel Tank

Due to temperature changes, especially in autumn and spring, condensation begins to appear. It can get into the gas tank. There's nothing wrong with that if you drive every day. With constant operation, the reservoir doesn’t have time to accumulate too much moisture.

Along with that, if a car is sitting, the tank can catch water. It doesn’t go well with gasoline. There is a high possibility that the fuel, along with the water, will get into the engine, and this will worsen the operation of the engine or disable it.

The Oil Starts to Thicken

Different technical oil types are necessary for the lubrication of car components, such as the engine, transmission, and other parts. When the vehicle is regularly operated, the grease is evenly distributed throughout the nodes and prevents demolition.

If the car stands still and is not started for a long time, the oil begins to lose its properties and may thicken. This will clog the oil pump, and the oil will stop flowing into the engine and transmission. This will cause overheating and grinding of the assemblies, pistons, and other parts of the engine.

There Will Be New Inhabitants

You can find a lot of different parts in a car that mice, rats, and insects would enjoy settling into. When standing in one place for a long time, rodents and other inhabitants begin to consider the vehicle a static object and gladly make shelter there. Moreover, rodents love to gnaw on wiring, and this will lead to short circuits and fires.

In the End

Any automobile is a complicated mechanism that needs periodic maintenance and service. If we speak about the key automobile systems, driving will keep them greased and free of rust. As a result, you decrease their breakage risk to a minimum, providing you keep the vehicle maintained. That’s why it’s important to at least start your car regularly if it's standing still without any movement.

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