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What to Expect Your First Time Renting a Limo

First Time Renting a Limo

When we think of limos, we often think of the ultimate in luxury, and some limos even go above and beyond. Are you thinking of renting a limo for a night?

Limos allow you to cruise around in style with your friends and family, but you'll want to know what to expect when hiring a limo company. Here's what you need to understand, so you can make it a night to remember.

When to Reserve Your Limo

You'll want to book a limo in advance, so you're prepared for the night or day of the event. In general, it's a good idea to book a limo about 2-3 weeks in advance. You can book sooner if you have your heart set on a particular model.

Think about the time of year you're booking the limo. Prom and wedding season are two times that limos are often in high demand. If you're booking a limo during these times, you should book a few months in advance.

When selecting a limo for events, you always need to consider the demand for the time of year.

Finding the Limo You Want

When renting a limo, you need to consider what you need for the night. This includes the size, amenities, and style of the limo. Here are more considerations:

  • Model
  • Limo size
  • Number of passengers
  • Price range
  • Amenities

In addition, you'll want to consider the rules and whether alcohol is allowable.

Get a few limo rates and quotes, but don't always go with the cheapest option. Try to find a ballpark number.

Tell the Company Where and When

You'll need to share all the important details with your limousine company in advance. Tell them when you need the limo, what for, and what you want.

Give them the location and time of the event so they can be there for you and to calculate the distance and time necessary. Telling your limo company what the event is for will give them an idea of the vibe of the event. If you have ideas or specific wants, communicate with your limousine company.

Lastly, you need to give them a headcount, so you book the right size limo for all your guests.

Considering Amenities

Amenities include music, televisions, CD or DVD capability, plug-ins for your phone, a lighted ceiling, certain types of alcohol, and so on. You can usually see a list of amenities on the limo company's website.

See the Limo in Person

When considering a limo rental, it pays to view the limousine in person. After all, you'll want to see what you're paying for. Viewing the limo in person lets you experience the look and feel of the limo.

If the company doesn't let you view the limo, you might want to move on to another company.

Always Get a Contract

One of the most important factors you should consider when you look into how to rent a limo is that you need a contract in writing. Written contracts protect you if anything goes wrong. It provides proof of what you're paying for and what you were promised.

Before closing the deal, look into their cancellation policy. That way, if something comes up or your event gets canceled, you'll know what to expect.

Renting a Limo for Your Event

Are you ready for your big night? With these tips, renting a limo should be an easy process.

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