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Your Driving Permit Test –
Everything You Should Know

Your driving permit test should not be that difficult for you. You just have to be well informed about it and carry the required documents on you whenever you wish to apply for a driver's permit. Let us understand what a driver's permit test is and what it entails.

What Is a Driver's Permit?

A driver's permit is also known as a learner's permit. It is also known by the name of learner's license and professional license. It is basically a restricted license for first-time drivers. You will be required to obtain this license before you are permitted to have a full driver's license. The driver's permit allows you to drive but with a few restrictions. This is before you have passed your driving test. The age at which you can apply for a driver's permit is going to be different depending upon which state you live in.

A Few Important Documents That You Will Have to Bring Along

Whenever you apply for a driver's license, make sure that you always carry the original copies of the following documents:

  • Form I-20, certificate of eligibility for nonimmigrant student status. You should carry a signed version of this form.
  • You are also required to carry a valid passport with your most recent student visa. If you are from a visa-exempt country such as Canada or Bermuda, you don't need to carry a visa.
  • Then there is the proof of residence that you must carry. It is going to vary from state to state. You will have to check with your local DMV website for more information on this.
  • It will depend on the state whether it requires an SSN card or not. Check with your local bodies if a Form SSA-L676, Refusal to Process SSN Application is required or not.
  • You will have to bring your Form I-766, Employment Authorization Document if you are on optional practical training.
  • The DMV is going to use the A number on this card so that your status can be verified.

Any F2, M2, or J2 dependent may have to go to the DMV with their primary F1, M1, or J1. Just make sure that you have all your required documents. This is going to mark the successful completion of your application process. The DMV official is going to explain the next steps from there on out.

Now, Let's Talk a Little About the DMV Written Test

It is not that difficult to pass this test provided you do the following:

1. Try for an Earlier Test
Always try to schedule a test earlier in the day. This way, you will have more energy to get over with the entire test sooner than later.

2. Be Observant While Driving
You will have to observe the things around you when you are driving. Most of the test questions are going to revolve around good driving habits. So, make sure that you pay attention to the situation around you and how your family or friends react while on the road. Pay attention to other drivers as well so that you can answer the questions quickly and correctly.

3. Review the Official DMV Handbook
You will have to review the official DMV handbook before your test. It is going to have all the answers you need. It is also the source of the test questions. This handbook is going to contain all the numbers and information including various traffic signs and rules that you should be aware of.

4. Get a Proper Night's Sleep
It is very important to get a proper night's sleep before you appear for the test the next day. It is going to help you function better and you will be able to secure a good score on your test.

5. Hydrate Yourself
You may carry a water bottle along with you. Have a hearty breakfast before your test. Eating a healthy and delicious meal before the exam gets you in a good mood. You will be able to take the test with a positive attitude.

6. Read the Questions Thoroughly
Read the questions thoroughly and with a calm mind. Look for easy questions and answer them before anything else. Read the entire question with an attentive mind and make it a point not to rush through any answers.

7. Use Tried and Tested Strategies
Always use tried and tested methodologies and tips when taking this test. Use the elimination rule and logical reasoning to select objective answers. Always answer the questions you know first and then move on to the ones that require more thinking.

8. Be Calm and Relaxed
You will have to be very calm and relaxed when taking this test. Do not get distracted. Take a few deep breaths before you begin your test.

A Quick Overview of the Driver's License Application Process

This process is going to differ from state to state but the basic steps are very similar. Let's go over them quickly:

  • Speak with your designated school official about driving rules and regulations in your city or state
  • Get a confirmation from your DSO about the status of your student record in the student and exchange visitor information system
  • Obtain a social security number
  • Visit for more details
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