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No Time? No Problem! Dot Compliance Group Experts Can Build a Plan for You

When it comes to running a business, time is one great factor that must be put into consideration. Unfortunately, most businesses fail to meet their expectations because of the limited time available to achieve ‘uncountable’ things. Running a business is good and can be lucrative if you choose the right business and have a good schedule in place. However, the majority of businesses struggle to keep up with their operations because of a lack of adequate time.

While all businesses need time, our focus in this article will be on the transportation industry, the trucking industry in particular. Having a trucking business in the United States can be very profitable if you stay compliant with the laid down policies. The USDOT and FMCSA are strict with these rules and can cost you your business if you break any of the rules and regulations.

Most employers and owner-operators in the trucking industry can testify to how stressful and frustrating it is to stay compliant. As you grow in the business, time becomes of the essence to you. Due to the day-to-day operations of your company, it is very likely not to pay too much attention to the rules and regulations put in place by FMCSA. Since the rules are meant to protect lives and properties, not complying with these rules can get your trucks off the road, which automatically leads to the end of your operations.

If you are struggling to keep up with your trucking business because of a lack of time and finding it difficult to stay compliant, there is good news. DOT Compliance Group is what you need to run a successful trucking business.

What Is DOT Compliance Group?

DOT Compliance Group is a legit company that was founded to offer help to employers or owner-operators in the trucking industry. We are a Third Party Administrator (TPA) in the trucking industry and our mission is to keep companies afloat by helping them stay compliant all the time. We took into consideration how stressful and frustrating it is for businesses to stay compliant with FMCSA and came up with ways to contribute to making things easier.

DOT Compliance Group is a business that is legally registered in the United States and recognized by FMSCA. We have been operating for years now and have helped dozens of businesses struggling to stay compliant with the rules due to a lack of time.

Do you have a trucking business but lack time to plan things perfectly for a smooth-running operation? You don’t have to worry! DOT Compliance Group has a team of experts that are always ready to help you handle any compliance issue while you focus on building your business to the next level. What services does DOT Compliance Group offer? This takes us to the next heading

What Are the Services of the DOT Compliance Group?

Our company aims to see you run a successful trucking business without breaking any of the rules and regulations set out by FMCSA. Below are the major services we offer.

#1. The Drug and Alcohol Testing Consortium

If you must operate in the trucking industry, you need to enroll your drivers in the drug and alcohol testing program. Third Party Administrators (TPA) like DOT Compliance Group help businesses to enroll their drivers for this program. The program entails drug and alcohol testing, and drivers are selected randomly to take any of the tests.

How is it done? 50% of the drivers in the pool are randomly selected to take the drug test annually, while 10% are selected for the alcohol test yearly. For example, if there are 5,000 drivers in the pool, 2,500 (50% of 5,000) would be randomly selected for the drug test, while just 500 (10% of 5,000) for the alcohol test. Therefore, if we should break it down to a monthly basis, about 208 drivers (2,500/12) will be selected every month for the drug test, and about 42 drivers (500/12) every month for the alcohol test.

Failure to enroll in this program can lead to the end of your business. This process can be stressful, but with a company like DOT Compliance Group, we take the burden off your shoulder by handling the process for you.

#2 – The Biennial Update (MCS – 150)

Again, this is another filing you need to do every two years. You need to update your company’s information every two years to help the relevant authorities keep track of your business. It doesn’t matter whether you make any changes to your business or not, filing the MCS – 150 form is expected by every trucking company.

While this registration is free, it can be stressful and time-consuming. Also, if you make any errors while filling the form, it will be rejected and sent back to you. This can be very frustrating for most people. To save you time and the stress that comes with the biennial update, DOT Compliance Group has a team of professionals to do the filing on your behalf.

#3 – Drug & Alcohol Supervisor Training

FMCSA demands that supervisors of safety-sensitive positions undergo training to mitigate accidents that could be caused by drug or alcohol abuse. The training involves 60 minutes of training on symptoms of drug abuse and 60 minutes of training on symptoms of alcohol abuse.

The essence of the training is to give supervisors the skills needed to identify indicators that may result in reasonable suspicion testing. DOT Compliance Group has experts that train supervisors on this.

Other services of DOT Compliance Group include Unified Carrier Registration (UCR), USDOT number application, operating authority, Hazmat registration, Hazmat permit, and Hazmat training. Get in touch with DOT Compliance Group today to help you build a plan that will solve all your compliance issues.

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