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Don't Let Drink Driving Ruin Your Christmas

Christmas is a time for family, friends and celebrations. But it's also a time when the risk of drink driving increases. Every year, there are reports of people being killed or seriously injured in accidents where alcohol was a factor. This holiday season, don't let yourself be one of those statistics. If you're going to be drinking, make sure you have a safe way to get home. Use public transport, call a cab or designate a sober driver. And if you see someone else who looks like they shouldn't be behind the wheel, don't hesitate to speak up. Let's all do our part to make sure this Christmas is merry and bright - not tragic.

Don't drink and drive this Christmas - it's not worth the risk

This Christmas, would like to remind you that drinking and driving is never worth the risk. It can result in anything from a Court fine to serious injuries or even death - not only for the driver, but for its victims as well. Drinking and driving is a reckless behavior that your friends and family don't want to see you committing. Keep everyone safe this holiday season by leaving your keys at home if you've had one too many drinks - you'll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're preventing unnecessary consequences.

If you're going to drink, make sure you have a designated driver

If you're out having a good time, drinking with friends, it's important to be sure everyone gets home safely; the best way to do that is by planning ahead and having a designated driver. Designated drivers are invaluable because they give everyone else in the group the opportunity to enjoy themselves responsibly. Selecting a designated driver helps ensure that no one has to worry about driving under the influence or getting behind the wheel when it is unsafe. Additionally, having an agreement ahead of time eliminates the temptation for someone to "just have one more" drink. So if you are ever out with your friends, choosing a sober designated driver should always be your first priority. It's definitely worth the effort!

Be careful on the roads - ice and snow can make driving conditions treacherous

Winter weather can make roads dangerous for drivers. When temperatures drop and snow or ice accumulates on paved surfaces, it can become increasingly difficult to navigate safely. With deceptively slick roads, drivers may experience a loss of steering control or traction and risk becoming involved in an accident due to hazardous driving conditions. That’s why it is important to always stay alert and take proper precautions when driving in wintery conditions. Allow for plenty of time during the journey to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles, reduce speed when needed, and pay attention to changing weather patterns. Practice defensive driving techniques to remain ahead of unexpected events on the roadways, while keeping distractions such as cell phones and loud music at bay to ensure safety. Taking these steps is the safest way to approach inclement weather and enjoy a smooth, stress-free drive in any season!

Watch out for pedestrians, especially if they're walking in dark clothing

It is important to remain alert while operating a vehicle and keep an eye out for pedestrians. During the evening hours or when visibility is limited, extra caution must be taken as pedestrians may not be wearing bright clothing that could easily be seen in passing headlights. What may seem like a dark spot on the road could actually be a person crossing or walking in the area. Much greater attention must be paid if a pedestrian appears to be wearing dark clothing, at this point one should slow down and proceed with a higher level of safety. A pedestrian’s safety should always take priority over any convenience one may have from driving an efficient route.

Drive defensively and be prepared for other drivers who may not be as cautious as you are

Defensive driving is a must if you want to stay safe on the roads. While experienced drivers can often predict how other motorists may behave on the streets, it is not always possible or practical to anticipate their behavior. Therefore, being mindful and prepared for the possibility of less cautious drivers can go a long way towards avoiding dangerous situations on your travels. Always allow plenty of extra space for maneuvering around negligent or careless drivers, and keep your eyes peeled for any potential hazards. Lastly, be sure to abide by all traffic laws and regulations - doing so will not only reduce your risk of getting into an accident but also increase the respect other drivers have for you. Drive defensively and control what you can to ensure a safe journey!

Enjoy your Christmas holiday responsibly!

Christmas is a great time of year to enjoy with family, friends and give thanks. As the festive season begins, it’s important to keep safety in mind and act responsibly so that everyone can have the best Christmas possible. Whether you’re travelling around or staying home for the festivities, plan your Christmas celebrations with others in mind by considering how your behaviour could affect those around you. Think about choices like what you drink, drive safely and reduce waste from decorations and feasts. By doing these things we can ensure we all enjoy a safe and enjoyable Christmas holiday.

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