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Importance of Digital Speed Signs for Novice Drivers

Being aware is one of the most powerful things for any activity including driving. Driver feedback signs and other kinds of digital speed signs used on modern roads have shown dramatic changes in driver behaviors. These signs are usually utilized to warn speeding drivers to return to the safe parameters of road usage. This behavior change is evident not only close to the sign placements but even miles down the road. Digital signs are everywhere nowadays, right from hoardings, billboards, speed signs, entry points, building names, and many more places. On average, we come across around a hundred such signs on a normal day.

The history of digital signs

While digital signs have a long and varied history, the first digital speed signs came into existence around the 1960s. Till then these driver feedback signs had no specific format at all and were used mainly for speed limits indicated on the highways or even as directional signs on roadsides outside or inside any of the buildings in an area. But the growing number of accidents due to their varied usages and formats brought forth a realization to set the standards for the road signs most suitable for the roads. Thus, a certain amount of font styles and designs were developed that bring uniformity of the signs across the country and globally.

Single device, many names, and varied uses

The uniformity of these driver feedback signs and other digital speed signs brought efficiency to the entire system to pass information to the driver and alert them of dangers and more. These signs were not only useful for drivers but also pedestrians to stay safe and the future of any smart city development is nowadays inherently linked to these signs. These signs are used as radar signs that display a variety of information, speed feedback signs, traffic calming signs, speed display boards, changeable message signs, Your speed sign, dynamic speed displays, and to present other variable messages.

Features and functionalities

The continuous advancement of science and technology has relentlessly improved the driver feedback signs. New-age digital speed signs nowadays offer a range of features that calm the traffic by displaying the current speed of the driver. They notify the driver and have the capability to notify relevant authorities against an erring driver by face recognition and other identification technologies. They are usually portable, compact, and extremely lightweight to allow fast deployment at multiple locations. They offer maximum visibility by light enhancing and by the use of anti-glare frameworks even under low or too bright lights.

The modern-day digital speed signs and driver feedback signs have an interactive way to show the speeds while maintaining a database of the offenders depending upon the gravity of the offense. They come equipped with programmable strobe lights to alert even the most inexperienced drivers to notice them and adjust their speed or drive suitably otherwise. Their solar-powered options now allow their usage even in remote locations or at places with no direct electricity option. They are well-protected by being robust items that can easily weather the environment and need almost no maintenance.

The future of these speed signs

As technology further advances and new ways to manage traffic effectively come to the fore, these driver feedback signs and digital speed signs are bound to gain from it. The entire scenario is changing rapidly even as we speak and many companies are developing newer signs with programmable components. These signs are connected to a cloud or a server with Bluetooth technology and can be easily programmed by any normal traffic manager through a desktop or a smartphone. The same sign can also be used either kept on a trailer, a vehicle or be installed permanently on a pole.

A compliant solution for traffic control

The use of suitable driver feedback signs and digital speed signs meets a comprehensive range of requirements legally to offer security and safety. They are cost-effective for most cash-strapped traffic departments and are the best alternatives for traffic lights, speed bumps, and suitable for all road designs. They solve the problem of poor visibility and can be changed remotely as per the changed road conditions of the day or hour. They have revolutionized modern society to conceptualize the idea of smart roads and build smart cities with their integration with flying drones, autonomous vehicles, smart intersections, and are extremely environmentally friendly.

Usage of these signs in India

Over the years, these driver feedback signs and digital speed signs have become a fairly common sight in most major cities in India. Bengaluru, Delhi, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Mumbai, and a few other Indian cities have used them to flash the speeds of the drivers and have been found very effective in controlling traffic. Their usage in an area has proven to slow down the speeding cars that have brought a huge improvement in the reduction of accidents. Long-term usage of these signs is bound to reduce the average speed of the vehicles, road mishaps, better speed limit compliance, calming traffic, and a reduction in the number of speeding drivers.

Some unexpected benefits

The installation of these driver feedback signs and digital speed signs in an area has provided some unexpected wins and unknown benefits to society. They answer the biggest community-wide question of if speeding is the reason for accidents. The documentation capability of these signs provides enough evidence for any sort of geographical area based on driver behavior due to age or many other factors. Their presence itself on Indian roads has shown marked improvement in controlling the speed of vehicles in an area. Being budget-friendly and their ease of use has also won many hearts in the government departments that should ensure they are used more on Indian roads.

The use of driver feedback signs and digital speed signs in an area also educates the public and makes them happier citizens. Research has shown that the science of feedback loop in the brain that these signs utilize makes people want to correct their driving behavior and be viewed as responsible citizens. The absence of a speeding ticket and a roadside verbal argument with local traffic cops with just a small reminder to check the speed works best for all. Their usage also solves the manpower issues and budgetary constraints of local traffic departments while beautifying the area and giving it a modern look.

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