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Overviews of Diesel Engine Truck Usage Limits that are Greatly Affected by Driving Methods

In our society, many people think that the life of the truck itself will be lost if the engine of the truck used at work is challenging to start or if there is abnormal noise or strange vibration. In some cases, upsets may become noticeable before they reach the end of their lifespan. But, it must be said that it is difficult to make a judgment based only on the driver's feelings without knowing the life judgment criteria.

The sturdy basic structure of a truck works effectively for prolonging the usage limit. Still, just as human beings rely on their physical abilities and fundamental physical strength to continue to be unhealthy, they cause lifestyle-related diseases. It significantly affects the life of the product. When it comes to diesel engine trucks, you should be paying attention to truck engine safety so that diesel truck parts aren't affected by lifestyle-related issues.

Therefore, before starting a truck, you should be keeping in mind the basic requirement for truckers like the driving method that puts less burden on the truck on a daily basis is the key to extending the period until the usage limit, which is the life of the truck, so we will introduce the driving method that puts less burden on the truck from the next section.

Avoiding "sudden" driving is the key to extending truck usage limits:

Avoiding "sudden" driving is the basis of safe driving, but it also has a positive effect on extending the truck's life. Sudden start/acceleration/deceleration is a heavy burden on the engine and drive system, sudden steering is a steering system and suspension, and sudden stop is a heavy burden on the braking device, drive system, and suspension.

Preparatory exercise is also useful for trucks:

When starting a truck with each part freezing, such as at the start of work or after a long stop, we try to warm up the truck by stopping it or slowing it down. Increasing the engine speed before each part warms up and the oils reach each part puts a strain on the truck and shortens its life.

Fair use of brakes extends truck life:

Brake, which is used as a control function when decelerating and stopping, is one of the crucial functions of a truck, but a larger braking force than usual is required to decelerate and stop a truck with heavy vehicle weight.

There is a drive technique that uses the engine brake to shift down when decelerating. Still, since many diesel trucks are equipped with an "exhaust brake," it is possible to obtain braking force by activating the exhaust brake and loosening the accelerator.

Careful shift change extends the life of the drive train:

As mentioned in the previous section, the clutch operation has a large effect on the transmission. Still, careful shift change and clutch operation will extend the transmission's life and lead to the extension of the life of the truck.

Shift change and carried out in a state where the clutch is not entirely broken gear missing, such as gear shift change, such as sound occurs is avoided, it is how to carry out the polite shift change prolong the life of the track.

Heavy use of half-clutch shortens clutch life:

Although the number of automatic trucks is increasing, it can be said that many trucks still use manual transmissions in which the driver himself makes shift changes. Manual cars shift gears by operating the accelerator, clutch, and shift knob when shifting, but the clutch operation is the key to driving.

When the clutch meat from the turn off the clutch, the engine side and the transformer by returning a little clutch pedal mission semi-clutch that match the number of revolutions of the side: is called the (abbreviated half-saddle).

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