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A Defective Part in an ATV Can Have Bad Outcomes. How to Deal With it

Defective Part in an ATV


What is an ATV?

ATV is a short form for "All Terrain Vehicle." It is an off-road four-wheeler and is similar to a bike. It is specially designed for kids or teens and doesn't require any special permit. ATVs are mainly preferred to be used in deserts, hills, or places with lots of uneven surfaces rather than plain roads and streets. That's why it has considerable tires that maintain balance on uneven surfaces and inclines. The average weight of an ATV is above 500 pounds; therefore, it has a potent engine that allows it to reach above 55+ mph, so it can easily climb. Although ATVs are fun and don't require special permission to be driven, they can still be extremely dangerous and cause fatalities. There are no safety cages or seatbelts in an ATV. In a few states, kids who are 10+ are allowed to ride an ATV with proper safety measures and precautions; in some countries, only 16+ are allowed to ride an ATV.

Dangers in Driving an ATV

As ATVs are not considered vehicles, most people assume they won't be dangerous either. However, ATVs are very easy to ride. Let's compare them to an average car. Suppose, unfortunately, a person meets with an accident while riding an ATV rather than a car. In that case, he can immediately and easily eject himself from it, which is impossible if he is stuck in a car. However, as safer as it seems, it is quite the opposite. Now, if you drop off a bike and, let's say, it rolls over, the worst that can happen is a fracture and injuries.

On the contrary, if you drop from an ATV and it rolls over you, it is around 500 pounds which means you will most likely break a lot more bones and will get significant injuries; However, both of them are equally fatal, but even if proper safety measures have been taken before riding either of them, the chances of severe injuries are higher in an ATV in case you are not able to step out of it on time. If you ever get involved in an off-road ATV accident, hire an off-road vehicle ATV accident lawyer immediately. Your lawyer will guide you better and help you receive compensation from the opponents, allowing you to get better treatment and pay off your medical expenses with the received amount.

Defective Part in an ATV

A defective part in an ATV can lead to fatal accidents. Though it is not the fault of the ATV rider, ultimately, if the ATV has a defective part still, he can be in great trouble. Also, it becomes challenging for the drivers to prove that the accident occurred due to a defect in the auto part and not because of their negligence. Hence, due to the lack of evidence against the ATV owner, the rider would be found guilty and barred from the crime. According to the National Highway Safety Administration, most of the accidents that have been reviewed occur due to a defect in the automobile part. ATV accidents can cause severe injuries such as traumatic brain injuries, abdominal injuries, and internal bleeding, facial injuries, permanent scarring, neck and shoulder injuries, bruises, burns, and many more physical and mental injuries besides wrongful death. Defects in ATVs occur either due to the manufacturer's negligence or poor or no vehicle maintenance.

How to Deal With the Negative Outcomes

Once you get involved in an ATV accident, here are the things you must do to deal with the adverse outcomes.

Hire a Reliable Lawyer

The first and most important thing is to hire an experienced and reliable lawyer. The lawyer will guide you in a better way and help you file a case in court to claim the compensation. In addition, he will collect all the evidence and proof to prove that the Accident occurred due to a defect in the automobile's part.

Don't Discuss Your Case on Social Media or With People in General

Once you have hired a lawyer, don't discuss your case with anyone else. It is strictly forbidden because the more information you share with the people around you, the weaker your case will become. This is because there is always a possibility that the opponents might come to know the details about your case and your take on the incident. This will give the opponents an insight, and they will have enough time to find a way out by manipulating the pieces of evidence and witnesses.

Keep a Record of Medical Bills

It is essential to safely keep all your medical records, blood tests, x-rays, pharmacy bills, etc. It can serve as a piece of extraordinary evidence in court to prove the severity of your injuries. It will even reflect upon the financial suffering caused by an accident.

Contact the Eye Witnesses

Do try to contact the eyewitnesses. If you are good enough to travel to where the Accident occurred, then don't waste a minute and reach that place. If you are not medically fit to travel, send your lawyer along with a family member you trust so that they can inquire and find an eye witness who is ready to record the statement in court.

Document the Financial Losses you have to face due to the Accident

Please document all the financial losses you suffer apart from the medical expenditures. This includes the utility bills, the school fee of your children, and the grocery bills you cannot pay because of the injuries and physical disability caused to you due to the Accident.

Take Pictures of the Injuries and Accident Place

If you are conscious and your phone is in working condition after the accident, try to take pictures of the whole incident, the vehicle, the defective part of the ATV, the injuries caused, and the property damage. If you are not well enough to do so, request someone present there at that time. Though it might seem weird and unethical, it's a brilliant move. These pictures can be beneficial in proving you innocent in court and helping you receive compensation from the opponent.

Safety and Precautions

As we all know, it is always better to take all the safety and preventive measures whenever you drive any vehicle. Therefore, some safety measures must be taken care of and followed correctly to keep yourself and others safe when riding an ATV.

Don't get Distracted

Sometimes people, to explore what it's capable of or to flex, get distracted and start rash driving. This is the primary cause of accidents, and riders don't realize that a few fun moments cost them their precious lives.

One at a Time

Only one rider should be allowed at a time, and no side riding. The rider is most likely to be distracted while driving with someone. Even if there are two people, ensure that the driver is experienced, not a kid or a teenager. However, allowing more than it can handle is foolish and reckless.

Wear All Safety Gadgets And Equipment

Ensure a proper helmet and rider's suit with arms and legs appropriately covered. Gloves and shoes that avoid scars and wounds. The eyes should also be covered with transparent glasses.

Eyes in Front

The driver should be focused on driving, always in the front, and proper knowledge about the routes and the surroundings must be provided.

Ride only During the Day

When driving an ATV, ensure that the sun is up and there is proper light. Also, if riding in a forest, ensure proper light arrangements, and the driver must have a proper vision of what is in the front.

Check the Vehicle Before Riding

Always check the vehicle before you start riding it, whether it's your vehicle or someone else's. Make a habit of ensuring that the vehicle is in okay condition before starting it for a ride.

The Owner Must Check the Vehicle Before Buying

It is better to check the car before purchasing it to avoid any mechanical or technical surprises. The car's body might be in excellent condition, but a car needs to be driven to check the mechanical aspect. The shocks and breaks can only be tested on the road, along with any internal vibration or noise. Even after getting a detailed report from an expert, it is highly recommended that the car should be driven before purchase. Since buying a car is a big decision, every aspect should be checked and cleared so that you don't have to spend on repairs in the future.

Remember that nothing is more important than your safety and life. Hence, you must ensure your safety and act responsibly. Try to keep yourself calm and composed no matter how harmful the consequences are. Don't take any steps emotionally. People often let the opponents go away without any inquiry and investigation just because they don't want to get engaged in court trials and further proceedings, but this is entirely wrong. You must take strict action if the accident has occurred due to the owner's negligence because if you spare him, someone might also have the same consequences as you did, or the situation might worsen.

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