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What Are the Dangers of Motorcycles?

Dangers of Motorcycles

Do you want to ride a motorcycle?

Motorcycles are a stylish way to travel solo. However, they're more dangerous to drive than cars. They account for 14 percent of traffic fatalities and three percent of occupant injuries each year.

If you want to push through despite these statistics, consider educating yourself. It means learning about the dangers of motorcycles. Your awareness of these could save your life.

Do you need a good starting point? Read on for a quick motorcycle guide:

Oncoming Traffic

Distracted driving injures over 400,000 motorists every year. A driver texting on his phone or eating their burrito can cause a motorcycle accident. The reason won't matter since it will often result in a severe wreck.

Sometimes, a vehicle doesn't need to hit your motorcycle directly. A clip from an oncoming car is enough to knock you off. You lack seatbelts, so you'll likely sustain severe injuries.

A surefire way to avoid this danger is to be vigilant. Ride like everyone is out for your neck.

Cars Waiting to Turn

Intersections are hazardous due to drivers making reckless left turns. Most seasoned motorcyclists have stories of having a near-miss collision with cars due to this situation.

Panic Stops

When someone slams on the brakes, motorcyclists are often more in danger. Your front brake gives around 70% of your stopping power. If you grab it too hard, your front wheel locks, throwing you off the bike.

An effective way to mitigate this issue is through anti-lock brakes. However, if you lack the budget, think about your bike's handling instead. Discovering how it reacts to heavy braking allows you to be ready.

Gravel on the Road

Motorcycles are great when going around corners. However, things get trickier when obstacles appear on the road. Sticks are hard to handle, but gravel remains the worst obstacle.

Gravel will make you lose your grip. It causes your motorcycle to become unpredictable, causing a wreck. If you go down, do your best to end up in a low-side fall.

However, recovering from gravel can often result in more dangerous high-side falls.

What to Do in a Motorcycle Accident

Your next step is to learn what to do if these dangers happen. Get away from the traffic flow and contact the police and first responders after the crash.

After that, leave your safety gear on while collecting info about the other vehicles involved. Look for bystanders and witnesses and record their testimonies. If you spot any odd behavior from other drivers, take notes.

Make a medical appointment to determine your injuries. Once treated, contact a motorcycle injury lawyer. They can help establish a case and give the best possible outcome.

Avoid Dangers of Motorcycles Now

These are some dangers of motorcycles. The key to preventing crashes is through vigilance and quick thinking. Regardless, we hope you become more aware of these hazards as you travel on your bike.

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