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5 Points to Consider Before Renting an RV

Almost all of us often love to do something different to shuffle things in our otherwise mostly monotonous lives.

If you’re looking for a different outdoor experience, then you definitely need to consider going on a Recreational Vehicle (RV) trip.

RV trips are fun and avoid the necessity of factoring in things such as hotel stays, airplane tickets, etc.

However, one major issue that hinders people from going on RV trips is, well, the RV itself.

Most people consider buying an RV to be too costly.

Well, it may be, depending on various factors.

But another way to look at the problem of not having an RV is to rent one!

There are many RV rental platforms online, but RVnGo is the best to rent a recreational vehicle at competitive prices.

Being able to rent an RV sounds like a great idea.

But you shouldn’t blindly rent an RV.

To help you make the right RV rental decisions, today we are here with a checklist that everyone must follow while renting an RV.

5 Points to Consider Before Renting an RV

  1. User Reviews:

    You can either rent an RV from agencies/websites that are into the business, or from individuals who are willing to rent their RV.

    In either case, the first thing to do is to check the trustworthiness and past user experiences of people renting RV from the same source.

    If you’re renting an RV from a business, then make sure to check for reviews online for details on customer service, vehicle maintenance, vehicle neatness, deposit refund, etc.

    By considering the above factors from online reviews about the provider, you’ll easily be able to understand whether they’re going to waste your time and energy in case of any issues or not.

    While renting RV from individuals, it is best that you take recommendations from people who have done the same in the past. Do not try to rent an RV based on ads you see on Facebook, Craigslist, etc. as many of those listings are a clear scam!

  2. RV Size:

    There are several sizes of recreational vehicles.

    You can get a Class B van such as the Volkswagen or the Mercedes Sprinter which can accommodate 2-3 people at max.

    If you're a larger group of people traveling together, then you’ll need to consider an RV that can fit all the people comfortably, such as a Class A or Class C motorhome.

  3. Fuel Efficiency:

    Fuel efficiency is definitely a major factor of any long journey, and is often the factor that is least considered.

    RVs are gas guzzlers, which comes as no surprise.

    Petrol RVs usually get between 6-10 miles per gallon, whereas mileage of diesel RVs range between 8-14 MPG.

    So, if you’re planning for a long journey and if you do have RV options that meet your criteria, then it is best you choose the one with the best fuel efficiency.

  4. Amenities:

    A typical RV trip covers at least a couple of days.

    Thus, it is essential that your RV has at least the basic amenities to make the journey and rest stays comfortable enoughs.

    The basic amenities that most people choose for an RV include beds, toilet, television, kitchen/cooking facilities, etc.

    Again, sky's the limit for the amenities you can actually wish for!

    Also, get it checked by rv repair shop near me before taking any decision.

  5. Vehicle Essentials:

    Last but not the least, never forget to check the vehicle essentials.

    Firstly, make sure that the engine, radiator, suspension, brakes, headlights/brake lights, etc. are functioning properly.

    Then just spend some time looking around and beneath the vehicle to ensure that there aren’t any noticeable major leaks.

    Now it’s time to check for any physical damages including scratches that need to be noticed and marked before you begin the journey.

    You also need to make sure that the tires are in proper shape and that you’re given at least 1 spare tire.

    To end, make sure to check all the paperworks of the vehicle including the registration, insurance, and any other documents that are mandated by law in your state/country.

Final Words

We hope that this article helped to understand the basic points to keep in mind before renting an RV.

If you’ve rented an RV before, then do share your experience along with any further information you’d like to share as comments below.

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