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Different Types of Trucking Companies

Different Types of Trucking Companies

The trucking industry plays a pivotal role in the economy's progress in places like Canada and the United States. It represents one of the largest revenue streams and moves 11 billion tons of goods which amounts to almost 70 percent.

The trucking companies generate massive revenue for the nation and employ millions of drivers every year. Though the face of the industry is changing, it is as vital to the economy as it was decades ago. Since these companies are integral, it's no surprise many of them have become high ranking regarding business. Yet, various trucking companies exist, and it's important to know what they are so you know if their services align with your needs.

Dry Van Trucker

The companies dealing with dry van transportation move dry and non-perishable cargo that are easy to move. These are often parcelled and hauled in one rectangular trailer connected to a semi-truck. It gives a decent position to start a career as a commercial truck driver since there is no need to unload the commodities transported.

The trailer is also easy to load via the back door. Drivers don't need extensive knowledge or skills about the safety and security of the goods. Dry can trucker drivers must possess a certain driving licence class to drive across certain places (e.g., interstate). A hazmat may also be required based on the type of cargo transported.

Flatbed Trucker

Regarding cargo and shape, flatbed truckers are quite different compared to tractor-trailers. These are open-air trailers carrying oversized and cumbersome vehicles, pieces of machinery, and heavy dry goods. It indicates that drivers must have industry-specific skills and expertise to undertake flatbed hauling.

Flatbed trucking professionals need to be experienced in securing heavy and difficult cargo with the help of chains, tarps, straps, or other tools. These people have sound knowledge about the various kinds of goods they are transporting. And the advanced skills and experiences needed for flatbed trucking indicate higher pay for these truckers.

Like dry van truckers, flatbed truckers must also obtain a certain driving licence class. It accounts for the weight of the trailer and the truck combined. If hazardous materials are moved in the flatbeds, the drivers also need to have an additional H or X endorsement.

Tanker Trucker

It is one of the most popular trucking companies for the most part. The tanker truckers mainly haul gases and liquids held in cylindrical tanks attached to trailers. The flatbeds or trailer beds position the tankers horizontally. Similar to flatbed haulers, tanker drivers also need to possess special skills.

Such drivers are also responsible for chemicals that can have hazardous impacts on the environment or fatal consequences when released. Therefore, it's crucial for tanker drivers to be adept in loading and unloading these hazardous substances, reading gauges, record keeping, and transportation laws. Alongside more certain driving class licences, tanker haulers require N and X endorsements when transporting any hazardous materials.

Heavy Haulers

According to some people, heavy haulers and flatbed truckers are the same, the only difference being the load. But the differences are also found in the type of cargo or trailer design. Heavy haul trailers are designed to carry large substances like blades, equipment, and even solar panels. Trailers for heavy hauling include lowboys, two-level trailers and step-decks, extendable or telescopic trailers, and flatbed trailers.

Drivers must be comfortable and trained to operate these vehicles. That is because the additional weight, wide turns, steering, and slopes can make it difficult to manoeuvre the vehicle. That's why trucking companies have a team of loading specialists, route planners, and pilot vehicles to ensure safe and proper delivery.

The trucking industry is critical to the global transportation sector. No matter what, there is always the demand for proper transportation. For some trucking companies, it means taking care of the movement of goods and commodities along highways and roads. But some major trucking companies across the globe offer other kinds of transportation, including sea, air, and rail. Many provide logistics and supply-chain management services to pave the way for faster deliveries at a much-reduced cost to various destinations. Knowing what a trucking company offers is imperative for proper transportation.

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