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10 Caravan Accessories That Are Worth
All Your Investment in 2022!

If you enjoy travelling in a caravan daily, making your trip easier and more pleasant should be one of your top goals. Going in a caravan across the desert or hostile locations might seem fascinating. On the other hand, if you have no previous experience, you must be conscious.

Caravan Accessories

The best approach to preparing for a caravan vacation is to promise that you have everything necessary, also known as caravan accessories. A few of them will assist you in creating a second home; however, the others will assure your safety wherever you roam. You must be aware of the mobile caravan repairs on Sunshine Coast and just in an emergency.

1. Pair of Towing Mirrors

Driving a caravan on major highways may be dangerous, especially if you depend solely on your vehicle's side mirrors to cross the street and take U-turns. This is why exterior caravan towing mirrors are necessary for safe towing. There are many sizes of clip-on towing mirrors available. You may also use your caravan towing mirrors that can be extended instead of your vehicle mirrors.

2. BBQArm

Because we are always searching for methods to make room in our car and on our table, we propose getting a BBQArm into your arrangement. This is a compulsory caravan item, which provides an excellent location for your barbecue. It is used by mobile caravan service providers on Sunshine Coast.

3. Solar Panels on Wheels

Solar panels are necessary RV additions, and we'd advocate you too to have solar panels, which can be incorporated into your RV. Solar panels can help you build a system (off-grid) that works best, taking minimal effort! If your vehicle cannot hold permanent panels, a movable arrangement is something you should choose.

4. Awning for a Camper

When you arrive at your campsite, an awning is a fantastic method to add extra space for living into your van quickly. The greatest camper van awning suitable for you will completely depend on your needs. Awnings can be as simple as a roof added on one side for added protection from the weather elements. It can also be a walled space. The key to selecting the correct awning for your van is deciding what you want it for.

A basic roof and poles may be enough if all you want is somewhere protected from the weather and shady to relax or put up chairs and a table.

5. Water Purifier

Having clean, fresh drinking water is crucial when travelling on-road or driving. Thirsty Nomad has created two water purifiers that can eradicate up to ten heavy metals using a five-stage water treatment technique. There are two models offered by Thirsty Nomad in the line include:

  • Caravan Permanent Water Purifier: The tank here is fitted permanently beneath your caravan basin and purifies the water that flows from your reservoir towards the tap.
  • Tank Fill Water Purifier: It attaches to the hose and purifies the water entering your tank.

6. Towing Electric Brake Controller

It is attached to your tow vehicle and transmits a flow of electricity to the caravan's electronic brakes, causing them to work. It is also necessary since it will safeguard your family and those on the road!

7. Refrigerator

It's not an "accessory" but rather an appliance, and having a working fridge is highly important that we didn't want to neglect it. The finest campervan fridge should be small and somewhat silent.

There are various compact 12V fridges with top lids that are excellent for travel. These are OK for camping with a tent, but they're not ideal for campervans because there's a tremendous wasted area on the bottom to open the lid.

8. Wi-Fi

Any seasoned camper understands that you must never trust a Wi-Fi network on the campground. If you intend to travel for an extended period, you'll need a more dependable internet connection, which can assist you even if you want to stream films and chat with your friends and family.

9. Caravan Jack

It's essential to have an appropriate caravan jack with you since you'll need one if you get a flat tire while driving. A caravan jack is intended to operate with the characteristics of a caravan, as you cannot use any vehicle jack.

10. Reversing Cameras

For improved image clarity, this reversing system features a 7-inch display with super-bright, energy-saving LED backlighting. There's no need to be concerned about blind spots. This kit includes a tiny colour camera with a closed housing and the ability to connect up to three cameras in total. It will only cost you roughly $459.


DJS mobile service is one of Sunshine Coast providers' finest mobile caravan repairs. You can opt for any one of many service packages as per your requirement. And you are good to go with your caravan now since you know which door to knock on if your vehicle needs servicing.

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