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How a Car Accident Can Affect Our Life?

Car Accident

A car accident may seem like it only takes a few seconds, but the effects are felt by survivors, their families, and communities for much longer, even with the help of experienced car accident lawyers like Edwards Injury Law.

Here are the effects a car accident can bring to someone's life:

1. It's Financially Devastating

Auto insurance companies should cover the damage that results from an at-fault driver hitting your vehicle. However, paying for other expenses resulting from an accident can rack up hefty debt. Accidents can cause damage to other vehicles, property, or even physical injuries. You may also be required to pay for car rentals if yours needs to be repaired after an accident.

2. Forever Changed

It would help if you completely readjusted how you live your life post-accident. Instead of living an active lifestyle, you might need modifications made around the house to make it easier to get around or perform daily tasks. You spend extra cost looking for a car accident lawyer to protect your property. You may also feel depressed and anxious about having another car accident after one has already occurred.

3. Health Complications

Physical injuries, such as whiplash or bruising, are the most common results of car accidents. The less obvious injuries include concussions, traumatic brain injury, and post-traumatic stress disorder. These are just some possible health problems that can arise after a car accident. Many people need psychiatric assistance to cope with these issues.

4. Loss of Motivation

After an accident occurs, many survivors lose their desire to achieve personal goals because they feel like they can't accomplish anything positive in life after surviving a serious crash. They feel like victims destined for failure because an unfortunate event has already happened in their lives.

5. Loss of Income

If you were working at the time of your accident, you might no longer be able to do your job. In some cases, it may result in termination because you have been deemed unable to return to work. You will also no longer be bringing home a salary, making a significant difference in the household income.

6. Legal Battles

Battling with insurance companies is always an unpleasant experience for accident survivors and the families of victims killed in accidents. The negotiations overpayment for damages can turn into a lengthy legal battle that lasts months or even years. In addition, coming up with the money for medical bills after the fact only adds additional stress to your life.

7. Driving Fear Fuels Anxiety

Driving is already stressful enough nowadays with traffic jams and road construction. If you have been in a serious accident, you may be worried about getting into another one, even several years down the line. As a result, you might turn down opportunities for social and professional engagements because they involve driving somewhere, which can cause anxiety.

8. Loss of Independence

After an accident, the injured person or their family members might not be able to do things themselves because of injuries sustained during the crash. This could include household chores like cooking, cleaning, and taking out the trash. It also could mean needing assistance with personal grooming tasks like showering or bathing, using the bathroom, dressing, brushing teeth, combing hair, etc.

Car Accident

9. Emotional Roller Coaster

One minute you could be feeling happy and normal again after surviving an accident; the next minute, you could be overcome with feelings of sadness and depression. Nightmares about your accident might also cause you to wake up in a cold sweat after dreaming that another car crash has occurred.

10. Loss of Work Time

Drivers might need to take off from their jobs if their vehicles are damaged in an accident, and they must wait for them to be repaired before they can drive again. Though employers usually do not mind employees taking the necessary amount of time off for these situations, it can still lead to loss of pay, which will cut into overall household income even further or cost than a lot trying to look for a car accident lawyer to defend them.

11. Relationships

Most accidents cause significant damage to vehicles that can put individual drivers or passengers into dire financial straits. If the vehicle is totalled during the crash, this leads to additional consequences for people who have car loans because they may never be able to afford another one. Some couples also break up over these types of situations because one person feels like they are being taken advantage of or neglected by their partner when they need support most.

12. Difficulty Concentrating

If you are anxious about driving or getting into another accident, you might have a lot on your mind when it comes to this topic. This can lead to difficulty concentrating on work projects because you are thinking about the possibility of being in another accident again. It also could occur when you are trying to focus on conversations at home with family members or friends, watching TV, reading books, magazines or newspapers, etc.

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