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Bulldoze Your Way Through Obstacles - Nissan Patrol GU Bullbar

The Nissan patrol gu bullbar is a popular car for off-road enthusiasts and tourers. Consequently, frontal defences, such as bullbars, are warranted. They have assembled four bullbars suitable for various Nissan Patrol models and years. They also discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each option. The goal is to assist you in selecting the one that will serve you best.

Driving in Thailand

Quality Nissan Patrol Bull Bars

Are you ready to beef up the front-end protection of your trusty Nissan Patrol? Look no further than a quality bull bar. Below highlightedare some quality Nissan Patrol bull bars; check them out-

  • First-Rate Ironman Bullbar

The Nissan patrol gu bullbar can handle almost any type of abuse in your vehicle. The Ironman Premium Bullbar protects your car overall from collisions which are protected by a 60.3mm loop tube. Airbag compatibility protects passengers. Hi-lift jacking points, winch gear, and tilted wings maximize ground clearance for the Australian outback. The Nissan Patrol's sleek, angular Ironman Premium bull bar boosts its appearance. Despite being 80kg, it's too heavy to instal by yourself. They may be expensive if you need to upgrade your suspension. The Nissan patrol gu bullbar is stylish and effective

  • In The XROX Bullbar

The XROX bull bar is an excellent option for the GU Patrol if you are searching for a durable and cost-effective bullbar. Built particularly for the challenges of off-road competition, the XROX bull bars are made of thick cross-over steel tubes for maximum protection without excessive weight. With its slanted side wings, the aircraft can clear obstacles and achieve optimal approach angles even when flying over rough terrain. It also includes detachable side wings, which allow you to replace or repair damaged pieces. The XROX bull bars are top-notch in terms of functionality. They do not, however, have a 3-loop design that provides essential protection for the headlights. As an added downside, they do not have the same imposing visual presence as the Nissan patrol gu bullbar. 

Driving in Thailand
  • Bullbar by Dobinsons

The Dobinsons bull bar is a good alternative if you are shopping for a cheap bullbar to use on your touring vehicle for protection against collisions with large animals, as opposed to just for use on 4x4 trails. High-quality steel is used throughout its construction, and CNC technology ensures a snug fit. Like the Nissan patrol gu bullbar, it's made entirely of steel, has a powder coat finish, and features sharp angles. It can be used with a winch and has brackets for an antenna and driving lights, but it lacks the integrated foglights found on the more costly Ironman bullbar. It is much heavier, so your vehicle's suspension might need to be upgraded if you want to keep the same ride height. Its added mass could compromise your car's handling and gas mileage. 

  • Bullbar From Outback Accessories

Another lightweight alternative is the Outback Accessories Bullbar. Made from high-quality steel with full welds and folds for added strength, it can resist significant impact without breaking. Mounts for your aerial and driving lights are included, so you can take everything you need for your off-road journey. The headlights are shielded by a triple-loop design, making them superior to the XROX bullbar, a point of comparison. It is especially crucial while driving through places with dense tree cover and the risk of branches slamming into your headlights. Its small weight and slanted side wings offer it an additional edge on steep terrain. The Nissan patrol gu bullbar is excellent in both performance and value. However, if you are hoping to spruce up your Nissan Patrol simultaneously, you could be dissatisfied with its "basic" appearance.


In conclusion, the Nissan Nissan Patrol GU bullbar can be overall a good option. It can provide increased protection for the front of the vehicle, improved off-road capabilities, and an enhanced aesthetic appearance. However, it's important to consider the potential drawbacks such as increased weight, reduced aerodynamics, and additional cost before making a decision. The Ironman Premium Bullbar is a highly recommended option for those looking for a bullbar for their Nissan Patrol GU, but there are other alternatives available for those who may have different needs or budget. It's always important to check with local laws before installing a bullbar on a vehicle.

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