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Benefits of Choosing a Transmission Specialist
over a General Mechanic


An auto transmission technician just like from refers to a specialist that repairs and maintains car transmissions. In performing their role, they run tests on your vehicle using computer diagnostic equipment. The goal is to determine the problems with your car and perform the necessary routine maintenance issues to ensure the problem is fixed. This may include flushing out or changing the transmission fluid. 

Once they have found out the results of the tests, the next thing is to carry out the necessary repair or do routine maintenance. After repairing your car, they will test-drive it and determine whether additional diagnostic assessments are needed, or if your repairs cured the problem. 

You find these Mercedes automatikgetriebe mechanics at general repair shops or specialty transmission repair facilities. Some service centers have technicians who rebuild old or damaged transmissions. This explains why you need to hire a specialist auto transmission expert as opposed to a general mechanic. Here are more reasons for choosing an auto transmission repair shop over a general mechanic.

You Work With a Specialist

Transmission Specialist

Choosing a specialist over a general auto mechanic gives you the advantage and peace of mind in the knowledge that the person works exclusively on car transmission problems. It doesn't matter what problem your vehicle has. You are sure that the transmission specialist will have the competence and experience, not to mention the tools that are needed to fix your problem. Whom would you go to if you had a heart problem? Would you go to a general physician or a heart specialist? It is the same with your car. 

But if you opt for a general mechanic, you should know that, however, experienced they may be in their work, they won’t give you the same level of service as a transmission specialist. Since they also have to deal with other repair needs every day, they will not have the specialized knowledge like a person who only works on fixing car transmission.

What About My Dealership?

The problem with your car dealership is that, like other service providers, they have to choose whom to employ. Chances that your car dealership will hire a transmission specialist are extremely slim. If you take your vehicle there, it is most likely going to be checked by a general mechanic.

Not every car dealership employs a transmission expert, so if you take the vehicle to the dealer, it’s not guaranteed that your transmission will be diagnosed and repaired as expertly as possible.

Can my Car Transmission be Fixed at my Oil Change Place?

It's common for oil change places to advise you to change your transmission fluid after checking its color. However, getting transmission flushes is not recommended as it tends to lead to more problems compared to having it fixed. Flushing the fluid isn't the same thing as draining it. If you do this, there will be remnants of debris and tiny particles that will clog the orifices or even cause your transmission to cease working altogether. If you notice any warning signs, the transmission should be replaced as soon as possible. When the transmission slips often, driving becomes very dangerous. You may generally opt to buy used transmissions if you're out of budget, or transmissions constructed from recycled or salvaged parts, are just as reliable as their OEM counterparts and considerably less expensive. When compared with searching for transmission at the local salvage yard - and then having to perform the messy task of removing and rebuilding it buying a used transmission from a reliable online seller such as Sir Car Part makes a heck of a lot of sense.

Advantages of Using a Transmission Specialist

Better Diagnosis

A specialist transmission mechanic is much more knowledgeable about what might cause a transmission failure than any of the above options. This means that, by choosing them, you are guaranteed to get a more precise diagnosis. You are saved from experimenting and trial and error. When the problem is diagnosed better, the chances of it being solved the first time are also higher.

Faster Repair

This is another advantage you get by going for a transmission specialist. Since you have chosen to go to a dedicated transmission specialist, you can expect that they will do the job a lot faster since that’s what they do the whole day. There are zero chances that they will be stuck with unfamiliar work that takes their time. From experience, they know the fastest way to deliver Mercedes automatikgetriebe reparatur the work with the highest degree of precision and accuracy.

Wider Knowledge of Vehicle Models

As they specialize in repairing or replacing transmission systems, these mechanics have worked on nearly every make and model of car. This means they can handle almost anything you throw at them. 

Although it’s true that a general mechanic has also handled multiple models and makes of vehicles, what they haven’t done is doing the same amount of transmission work as specialists. Vehicles differ a great deal, and whether or not you will get an accurate diagnosis and estimate will depend largely on the knowledge of the finer details of the transmission needs of a particular vehicle.

Repair Complexity

The transmission is the most important part of your car’s system. Transmission problems aren’t like a tire you can easily change or a hose that can be patched. It’s more complicated. Do not be fooled by the singular way it is referred to as just the transmission. It is composed of several pieces and parts and each area can develop problems. When you hire a professional to do the work, you are sure that they will give you a precise diagnosis of any problem.

The designs of car transmissions also vary a lot. Professional mechanics often resort to the use of computers to correctly diagnose the problems of a car. These programs are often only available for professional transmission experts. The tools required for performing transmission repairs also point to the nature of the complexity of the repairs needed. 

Remove the Stress of Repairs

Transmission repairs cause problems even for seasoned mechanics. You are already under pressure to make the vehicle run again. Why would a mechanic spend another time tracking specific tools? Also, chances are that the mechanic has to find one or other two guys to help, which might eat into their time and affect their other schedules. The best thing is to always take your Mercedes vehicle to a professional, licensed shop auto transmission shop where you don’t have to be worried about a mechanic’s credentials. You will know the cost upfront, when to pick the car, and any other important detail. You will relax in the knowledge that the problem is in safe pairs of hands.

Warranty Protection

There are two warranties that come into play. The first one is that using a transmission specialist protects the warranty of your car. Next, most credible professional mechanics will provide warranties for their work. It means that if the mechanic fails to notice something, or you notice fault after the repair, you will be covered with the warranty and don’t have to pay for extra repairs. Before you let the mechanic start work on your car, make sure you have read and fully understood the warranty you have been provided with.


It might be tempting to call your general mechanic to fix your transmission problems. After all, he is the guy you usually take your car in case you have any problem with. However, nothing is a greater disservice to your vehicle than this. A general mechanic may have experience in other car problems. However, given the nature of complexity and importance of the transmission system to your car, you would be best off leaving it to a professional.

At ATT24, we have handled countless transmission problems and have determined the quickest way to solve them. Since this is the only work we do, we will accomplish it first and ensure your vehicle functions again. Using the latest diagnostic tools, we will give you an accurate cause of your problem and solve it fast. Call us today for a professional and dependable Mercedes automatic transmission service. 

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