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Top 5 Auto Transport Myths and the Reality

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Auto Transport Myths and the Reality

Most people use vehicle transport services occasionally to shift their car, bike, truck, motorhome, boat, or any other vehicle to their new destinations. While some people hire vehicle transport companies frequently, most others choose such services once in a while. 

There are a number of myths about auto transport that circulate around the people who use the services less frequently. Whether you have chosen regular or express car transport services, people may have told some of these myths and warned you.

Let’s look at the most common vehicle transport myths and the reality...

Driving The Vehicle Is Cheaper Than Shipping It 

Many people think that driving the vehicle to the destination is cheaper than choosing a vehicle transport company to move it. In reality, comparing the cost of shipping and driving the vehicle should be based on the distance to the destination. 

For instance, if the destination is within a single-day drive – 800 kilometres – driving the vehicle is a great option as you do not have additional expenditure. On the other hand, if you want to move your vehicle interstate – a few thousand kilometres – shipping could be the best possible option. 

It is because you need to spend on hotel stays and food in addition to the fuel costs while driving the vehicle. Additionally, driving for a few days can be extremely tiring. 

Immovable Vehicles Can’t Be Shipped

All professional transport companies move vehicles regardless of they are movable or immovable. Many transport companies have vehicle carriers with hydraulic lifting systems and special tools to lift an immovable vehicle to load and relocate to the destination. 

However, keep in mind that moving an inoperable vehicle costs you more as vehicle transport companies use special trailers and lifting systems while picking up and delivering it. 

Auto Transport

Booking Directly With Transport Carrier Is Cheaper Than Booking With A Broker

Connecting with vehicle transport brokers have several advantages. Since they are experts in the industry, brokers usually connect with the most trusted vehicle transport companies and choose the service at competitive prices for you. 

Additionally, they can give more routes and options than a single-vehicle transport company offers you. While they may be charging some fee for the service, brokers ensure you the best quotes and quick relocation service based on your preferences.

You Should Go With The Lowest Quote

This can be the biggest mistake while choosing a vehicle transport company. Never choose any vehicle transport company by just looking at the quoted amount without proper research. Like every industry, the vehicle transport sector also has a few bad apples that can cost you dearly.

You may be clueless as most such businesses are not transparent. Importantly, the safety of your vehicle is at stake if you choose bogus service providers. Therefore, double-check before choosing any service provider and ensure that they are trustworthy. 

Reading Customer Reviews Is A Waste Of Time

Many people have a bias towards online reviews as they think businesses themselves put online comments. Though there are few exceptions, a majority of comments and reviews are put by end-users. You can find valuable comments and feedback online to guide you to the right service provider. 

Spend some time, find services with good ratings and useful comments from customers, use your insights, and choose the right vehicle transport partner.

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