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The Many Advantages of E-Bikes

By Matt McGrath

In this article, we will learn about Electric Bikes (or E-Bikes), their advantages and everything else you need to know. Electric bikes are an integral part of our services and at Brisbane Hire Electric Bikes it’s their job to not only provide you with outstanding service, but to educate you on the subject as well starting with some E-bike basics.

In a general sense, e-bikes are bicycles with battery-powered assistance that comes through when you pedal, and sometimes when you use a throttle. Pushing on the pedal gives you a boost from the assisted power, making travel easier than a normal bike. Twisting a throttle does the same thing, without pedaling. E-bikes generally come with two types of motors, hub drives and mid drives. The hub drive motors are located in the center of the front or rear wheel, and the mid drive motors are located on the middle of the bike between the two pedals. No matter what kind of bike you need, we can help you.

With that out of the way, here are the many advantages of using E-Bikes...

No need for registration

With e-bikes, you don’t have to go through the hassle of registering and insuring the bike as you would a normal motor vehicle. This means you don’t have to stand in line for hours on end at the department of motor vehicles, which also means this frees you from the prospect of dealing with traffic stops made by police (always a headache). Practice basic safety and common sense and you can travel with peace of mind.

Less Effort, Greater Distance

The assisted pedals and overall design make it easier on your body, allowing you to cover more distance than you would with a normal bike. You can go much further, and it isn’t as hard on the body. With that said…

Healthy Alternative

Electric biking still offers the benefits of health that come with exercise. While the pedaling isn’t as strenuous as normal biking, you are getting some exercise and it’s certainly healthier than driving a car. The added power acts as an assist, it’s as if you have a professional cyclist on the bike with you, pushing you along with more power.

Speed compared to normal bicycles

Electric bikes can get to up around 30 mph, which is essentially a vehicle moving at average speed. They are also much faster than regular bicycles.

Avoid gridlock/traffic

With the added speed of an e-bike, and the freedom of a normal bike, you can avoid traffic entirely. Long gone are the days of waiting in the traffic for hours, and the headache that comes with it. Along with all of that comes great timing as well, allowing you to get to where you need to without delay.

Opens an avenue for income

Given the speed of your average electric bike, one could go into the independent delivery business. Electric bikes cover the distance needed for you to complete orders in a timely manner, make side income, explore your city and get some exercise in at the same time! We can help you with this as renting bikes is a part of our services and we can help you on your way.

Saves you money

In the long run, an electric bike frees you up from the cost of fuel, insurance and any other hassle I can think of that comes with owning/leasing a car. You also save money by avoiding all the maintenance that comes with keeping a car. If you do, however, own a car, taking an electric bike can help save the wear and tear and mileage on your current vehicle as well.

Easy to acquire

Electric bikes are still considered normal bikes in some countries and, as mentioned earlier, you don’t have to go through the hassle of registering a bike (or any of the hassles of dealing with motor vehicles). They can be bought at your local bike store, or even simply purchased online!

Environmentally Friendly

No emission means it’s green friendly and doesn’t contribute to the destruction of our environment…you know, like cars (in case you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m NOT a fan of cars). The less carbon footprint, the better and electric bikes offer this benefit in addition to the others. Put simply, using an E-bike is good for the planet.

The Wave of the Future

Widespread use and sales of electric bicycles will change the way we think about transportation. In the west, most countries still think of the bike as a recreational tool, not meant for serious commute or travel. The electric bicycle will make people think differently and consider another option at their disposal with regard to transportation. Electric bikes offer an easy barrier of entry to biking as a whole, and also offer ease of use for senior citizens as well. They provide a stress-free option for transportation and as sales increase across the world, more people will see the many benefits of an E-bike.


If you want all the benefits of driving a car (at a reasonable speed), with all the freedoms that come with owning a bike, then an electric bike is for you. With our services, we can provide you with a good bike, and help you maintain it as well! :)

About the author:

Matt McGrath is an avid traveler and a prominent writer in the blogging community. He has been to more than 50 countries. While he loves discovering new cultures and adventures, he is also passionate about sharing practical tips to his followers. If you love to travel and adventure, we recommend that you read and follow all his articles!

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