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Working With The Law Of Attraction

By Tracy Webb

Since the explosion of "The Secret," there has been an air of excitement as people "try" to manifest their heart's desires. Most have had some success with this, although many others are disillusioned and are experiencing feelings of unhappiness, as their dreams have not been realized.

So many times I hear people say, "I believe it to be true, I trust that the universe will provide, I've done everything that has been instructed but still... I don't have the car, house, partner I desire." Constantly checking for their desires to manifest whilst all the time looking at the present situation and seeing that it's not yet here.

Since the law of attraction is a natural law of the universe it works whether we believe in it or not. The key is to know that. To know that, whatever energy you are emitting through your thoughts will be reflected back to you as your experience. True acceptance and gratitude for your current situation will allow for more to come to you.

Whether you perceive that you need a new car, more money, or a loving relationship is irrelevant. The relevant part of it is that there is a non-acceptance of what is occurring. You are looking at your life and seeing only what is missing from it. The more you focus on trying to bring that into your life the further away it seems to get. Everyday you look at your life again and it is still the same - "I still need." All this does is make you unhappy, unsettled and restless. Hence your interaction with the Universe will reflect that.

The way that some people approach this natural law of the universe is disrespectful. Suddenly we have an agenda, something we want. Then the blaming and non-belief comes in. Our egos are bruised, as we have not managed to achieve our desired outcome yet. Either "I'm doing it wrong" or a "this doesn't work" attitude is adopted. Everyone wants to see results and we are all constantly looking to see if it's happened yet. We give out signals of despair and frustration whilst saying "I believe it," but an energy communication imbalance is created and our true thoughts are reflected back. You can't fool the law of attraction, there are no mistakes.

How many times have you been in a situation where you are talking to someone and their words don't match their actions - the message is distorted and a barrier is created between you? This is the same for your communication to the Universe. Nothing can be hidden and everything is in divine order. The Universe is just a series of pulsations and vibrations of different frequencies. All similar frequencies attach to each other and provide corresponding experiences and situations. The frequency you emit will attract similar back to you - that is the way it works. Perfectly, indiscriminately and non-personally.

So how do we work effectively with the law of attraction? By living your life in gratitude and happiness. When you are happy you are in harmony with the Universe. When you are peaceful, accepting and grateful for life you are in harmony with the Universe. It's not about "trying" it's about "being." When you "try" it's not natural. Your energy is not flowing. A natural state of happiness brings peace and love to you and will also attract all good things to you. When that happens you will discover that you don't really need anything because you are already complete and happy. Nothing outside of you can compete with the inner state of "being" you have cultivated. Rather than submitting a list to the Universe, approach it differently. Approach life with love and respect. Grateful for the gift of life and the opportunities it brings. This in turn will allow for more as the Universe responds favourable to you.

It's our constant, persistent thoughts which are the most important. Not the few minutes everyday of positive thinking. It's the overall flavor of your thoughts that count. The unconscious ones that you send out automatically that have colored your whole life. We are so conditioned to think in certain ways and see life from our own perspective.

Sometimes it takes a whole new approach - obviously this isn't easy as you are undoing habits that have been perpetuated throughout your lifetime. When you can view your life as a gift and every moment as precious you will soon stop seeing problems, instead you will see opportunities for growth and so much to be grateful for. Rather than acting like a spoilt child, standing indignant with hands out waiting to be given your demands, then complaining when they are not met in the way you require.

The law of attraction will provide you exactly as you provide it. Might be worth putting away your list of demands and approach life respectfully, in love and gratitude. By adopting this as your natural state of being you could be amazed at the results!

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