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13 Ways to Make Your Life Better

By Boris Vene & Nikola Grubisa

  1. Do you want to know what destiny has in store for you? List your dreams and desires - that's it... And then allow them to come true. This is your responsibility to God and to yourself: fulfill your dream!
  2. Did you know that 99% of the people working hate their job? That means they spend an average of 50 hours every week doing something they hate and trying to get wealthy doing it. This does not work! You can only be truly successful in life if you are doing what you enjoy.

    Why is that so? Because, you create a special 'vibration' (or emotional state) with your thoughts and emotions; actually, you create a vibration all the time! What you attract and draw to you (people, situations...) is a result of what you create. Therefore, if you create a vibration of hate, resentment, dislike, etc., people around you will pick up on it. Moreover, people will - like it or not - treat you that way.

  3. If you feel different, or simply 'not average,' then you may already be well on your way to success via the best possible route. Being 'different' does not mean that you are in any way inferior to others that are not so different - often; it simply means that you think with your own head.
  4. Always follow your own lead. You can copy someone's actions but you cannot successfully copy his or her goals or path in life! Imagine trying to recreate Michelangelo's murals in the Sistine Chapel. There are plenty of artists that can win awards for restoring his work by studying his style, tracing his brushstrokes, in essence copying his actions, but none can ever be Michelangelo, recreate his vision, feel his emotion or copy the sheer brilliance of the great artist's work.
  5. What is true happiness? It's not an object (i.e. something you get). True happiness is a state you experience when you feel good about yourself and others ... as well as the life you are leading. This happens when you enjoy your present activities - no matter what you are doing! So, if you 'organize' your life that way (and you are the only one that can do this - through your daily choices!), you'll find yourself surrounded by love and kindness everywhere you go.
  6. When you love yourself, you also love others ... If you do not love yourself, you will only admire others, or worse, you will need them. Such actions lead to conditions that eliminate unconditional love. Incidentally, real love is always unconditional. Therefore, you must decide - will you love others or need/admire them? If you decide to love, it always begins with loving yourself. This is the Universal Law.
  7. Events simply define the framework of our lives, yet the most important thing is not the events themselves, but rather how we react to them.
  8. Here is the challenge: Only a few are truly willing or ready to do something about their present situation! Are you ready? Do you want to do something better with your life? Growth requires change and thus, by resisting change, you resist the growth that is necessary to achieve success...
  9. Contrary to past teachings, your rational mind constitutes the greatest obstacle to your success. Often, our most incredible ideas die an instant death, simply because our 'clever' brains tell us that we are not capable of implementing them. The judgments of the mind are based on our past experiences and conditioning and not on our true potential!
  10. Remarkably, 'positive thinking' can sometimes be a huge obstacle. Simply repeating affirmations, such as, 'I'm rich, I'm rich,' will not actually make you rich, unless you truly and strongly believe the thought you are voicing. What response do you hear in your head when you say the above affirmation to yourself? THIS is what you have to deal with! Just being focused on what is positive does not guarantee success.
  11. It is sad, but true, most people have never done things wrong... because they have never tried to do anything different!!! Why do you think most of the people you know have been stuck in the same place all this time, with no chance of taking a step forward in their lives, so eager to point out your temporary setback that they define as failure?!
  12. Do you want to change the world around you? Nothing can be easier! Change yourself and miracles will start happening all around you. Actions, not words, make us who we are.
  13. The primary concept, perhaps the most important, is that your quest for acquiring personal wealth should not be centered on the money, but rather on producing quality work. The only real road to riches must be paved with assisting others (properly!) to build their wealth as well. If money itself is the sole motivating factor behind your actions, then you will miss all the deeper riches life has to offer you.

No matter where you are in life right now, what your goals are and what you experienced in life before, today is a new day - and you are a new person. And this means you have a new opportunity today. If you want your future to be different, you need to start doing something differently. If you keep on doing what you have been doing up to now, nothing can help you achieve better results. Everything can be changed for the better... to the way you want it to be changed!

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