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The Only Fortune Worth Finding

By Frank Tibolt

There is no gold mine as rich as your own past experience. All your talents, wishes, and interests are hidden there. Study them. Dig them out. Study which skills and interests they utilized no matter how long it takes or how monotonous it becomes. They point more directly to that BIGGER YOU than any other method. Mining your own gold is hard work, but like any other kind of mining, it pays big. Mining your talent is unlimited. You might find a vein that will shoot you to the top. It's been done thousands of times.

Ask yourself: What do I want to be doing ten years from now? Where do I want to be? What job or career do I prefer to have? How much income would I like to have? Several polls I took indicate most people would be satisfied with about three times their present income. How about you?

Ask yourself: How much money do I want to have saved in five years? What kind of car, home, boat, other items? How about your hobbies? Do you prefer indoor or outdoor hobbies? Fishing, boating, athletics, golf, tennis, bowling, cards, chess? My hobbies in order of preference are...? The section of the newspaper I read first is...? I prefer to spend my leisure time doing...? The kind of movies I like are...? TV shows...? The kind of books and magazines I like are...? Fiction...? Non-fiction...? My favorite recreation is...? My favorite conversational subjects are...?

Look for a common thread or ingredient running through any or all of these hobbies, interests, sports, studies, play, recreation, work, etc. Can you notice any? If so what does it concern: people, things, ideas, figures, words, or any other factor that stands out? What do you like about your vacations, trips, etc.? What do you dislike? Do you prefer to deal with things, people, ideas, words, figures? Would you rather read a book than go to a party? Do you consider yourself mostly extrovert, introvert, or ambivert? Do you learn more through your eyes, ears, or by doing things?

Every small achievement that meant something to you should be written down. Whether it meant anything to anyone else matters not. Early achievements should have two qualities: firstly, you enjoyed doing them, and therefore they were easy or natural; secondly, they achieved something you were proud of - not something world-shaking, but something you considered worthwhile.

Keep in mind this is a YOU project. These questions and ideas are mere sounding boards for your own ideas to reflect YOU, your desires, abilities, special skills, talents, potentials, early visions or ambitions.

When you find something significant, compare and combine it with something you previously discovered. Analyze the traits or ingredients or skills in one or more of your early achievements. Two or more might be a clue that any one alone would lack.

Students who come to my classes seldom get direct answers. They write down their achievements from youth to the present and always end up discovering their clues themselves.

Two policemen brothers came to one of my classes. As a result of working through this formula one became a forester and one a salesman. What common ingredient do you think plaid the biggest part in their decisions? The out-of-doors. In that same class one found his career in advertising, a girl as a hostess in a physician's office, one as a draftsman. I didn't give them the slightest clue. They found their proper places by themselves by merely thinking back systematically from their earliest years to the present.

List your old achievements, and your new ones. Compare them. Combine them. Associate them. Look for a common factor.

All your achievements - recent or long ago - required several, usually many, of your skills or traits. Go back and study these skills. Only YOU can do it. Only you know what gives you pleasure and what is easy and what makes you feel proud. Only you hold the key to your future and fortune. The only proper place to look is within.

If you have one strong skill which alone won't make a career, consider adding or adapting something to it. There are schools that teach almost any skill. Don't overlook them.

Every normal person is a good person and they know it. But few know what they're good for, much less what they're best for, without writing down their skills and achievements on paper and doing much serious searching within for long forgotten skills and achievements.

More and more evidence proves that everyone of normal mind and body has veins of pure gold buried deep down inside waiting for some clue to recognize them, develop them and harness them. Maybe with a little adapting or changing some of your discoveries, they'll lead to that BIG chance.

Henry Ford once said: "If money is your hope for independence you will never have it. The only real security that a man will have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience, and ability."

And therein lies the key... This is one of those simple things rich and successful people know and understand that the average person mistakenly doesn't seem to be too concerned about. And without it, success won't happen... period. Yet sadly, most of the Positive Thinking and Law of Attraction books and products on the market today are woefully deficient in this - the real secret - to having all the success you could ever imagine.

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