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Transformative Tools to Enroll, Influence and Empower

By Steve Taubman

The Inner Selling Institute has created a unique sales mastery system to teach sales professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs to predictably dominate their preferred market niche. Dr. Steve Taubman and the ISI faculty train sales teams and individuals to master the three important psychological sales triggers; energy, belief, and presence.

This is not sales training as you know it but a unique process, designed to work with your team's internal neurology to stimulate powerful change in the way it relates to and influences its clients. Participants learn a powerful system for becoming more naturally magnetic and influential. The tools contained in the ISI system are integrity-based with an emphasis on developing awareness and equanimity.

What are the benefits? We promise dramatic increases in sales as well as substantial improvements in individual well-being. Participants enjoy an organic and seamless relationship between their work and home lives leading to greater balance, less stress, and more fun.

I'm very excited to announce that the latest Magic of Inner Selling Workshop is scheduled and ready for you to join. This one-day workshop has the potential to double your sales in six months or less. It's awesome, and the perfect antidote to the mental beating you've been taking from all the depressing recession news.

You'll literally transform your skills, attitudes, and mental powers so you become more influential than you've ever been. You'll massively improve your ability to engage others at a deeper level and your ability to master your own inner state to become impervious to stress, discouragement, fear, and anxiety.

You've heard me say this before: We're all hypnotized, either for success or failure. Don't let the media hypnotize you into believing there's nothing you can do to succeed in these times. IT'S NOT TRUE!

What you need is an understanding of how people's buying habits have changed and how you must change to meet their new needs. If you're doing it the old way, it won't work. I'll show you exactly what you must do to sell in this market.

So, go right now to the Magic of Inner Selling Workshop and register. Do it now and receive the discounted rate. Plus, I'll be throwing you another sweet offer once you've registered. This rate is only good for another week or so, so join in now.

If you'd like to discuss it first, email me a couple times that might work for you, and I'll give you a free 20 minute strategy session to talk about your goals and see if this program would be the right choice for you.

That's it for now. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at the Magic of Inner Selling Workshop!

Dr. Steve Taubman, founder of The Inner Selling Institute, has made a career of not only teaching his revolutionary material but also taking inspiration from the sharpest minds in America. He feels that making a decision to succeed starts with standing on the shoulders of experts and then launching one's career to heights they never thought possible. We reviewed Steve's excellent book UnHypnosis: How to Wake Up, Start Over, and Create the Life You're Meant to Live in 2007. Building on those deep insights, Steve has gone on to produce a "sales" course that is really about teaching individuals how to reinvent themselves and incorporate powerful transformational principles into their lives. As he says in the Preface of Increase Your Mind; Increase Your Sales...

"Inner Selling seeks to bring the principles of transformation specifically into the domain of sales. There's been remarkably little written in the business world about the inner processes involved in sales success. In fact there's an overwhelming disdain for new age thinking that pervades the world of business. Yet there's no escaping the fact that there's enormous wisdom available in the transformational sciences that can massively increase sales success and happiness for anyone who employs them."
In my opinion, this audiobook offers a completely new approach to the subject of sales. We all need to be able to communicate the value of what we create or produce in order to collaborate and do business. It's the crucial "stage 2" of creativity. If we can't make that sale then our success is stymied right there and then. Steve Taubman applies the principles of many disciplines, mixed with incisive quotes and many personal accounts that make clear how to recognize one's full inner potential, how to expand as a person so that one is better able to influence others with integrity and respect. Take a look at this 4-CD audio series, with accompanying workbook:

Increase Your Mind; Increase Your Sales

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