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How Sweet Dreams Bring Sweet Success

Around the world, our most successful and wealthiest leaders, throughout numerous industries, place high value on sleep. As part of their successful lifestyles, they commit to getting the doctor-prescribed seven to eight hours of sleep each night. Marie Kondo sleeps for eight hours, Elon Musk for six, and Serena Williams for seven, as they each answer their bodies' needs and strive to rejuvenate each night through rest.

Sufficient sleep breeds success in a number of ways. First and foremost, it increases productivity, with rested employees economizing companies and saving them as much as $1,976 annually. Second, REM sleep has been linked to ingenuity, and good sleep boosts problem-solving skills and creativity. Third, a full night’s rest improves both declarative (responsible for remembering facts) and procedural (in charge of performing learned actions) memory, giving your comprehensive memory an enhancement. Lastly, those who rest well stay healthier for longer as sleep strengthens their immune systems and their resilience in turn.

Be your best self by getting your best sleep, and let sweet dreams bring you the sweet success you’ve been looking for.

How Sweet Dreams Bring Sweet Success
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