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Success Is a Mindset

A mindset is a habit of the mind, the spirit. If those habits keep one from success, they can be changed. One must structure a new way of thinking. That pattern is: Rehearse, Believe, Act, Change, Believe Anew.

Rehearse - What I Tell Myself

We all know that many people are in financial trouble. The percentage of those out of work is higher than any of us want it to be. Some friends and neighbors have given up. Failure has become a mindset, a habit of their thinking. Listen to what they may tell themselves.

  • "There are no jobs anywhere."
  • "I’m a teacher. That’s all I can do."
  • "My family doesn’t experience success."
  • "I can’t do it anymore. I give up."

Believe - What I Tell Myself Is What I Believe

The mind believes what one tells it. If someone rehearses a negative statement all of the time, they come to believe it. To that negative mindset, success is completely out of the question since the habit of that mind is a failure.

  • "I might as well not apply for that job. I know I won’t get it."
  • "I don’t have any talent. I know I’m not as good as Harold."
  • "Anna works for her dad. I know my family won’t offer me a job."

Act - What I Believe Is What I Do

Since one knows or believes certain aspects about themselves, they are in bondage to those beliefs. "Can’t get it." "Not as good as . . ." and "My family won’t . . ." are false beliefs that keep a person from "doing." So, they do nothing. They believe their days and weeks are filled with nothing. They flip "doing" and "playing" around. They find a small measure of success in their triumph over Pierre in France whom they just beat in an online game. They feel they have made a name for themselves when they reach the dragon’s door, passing from level to level faster than anyone.

Those should be accomplishments of one’s leisure time. A game won is not a career move, but because the human spirit must achieve something, there may be a direct correlation between the number of hours spent on computer games and the lack of success in the rest of their life. Reverse the ratio of work to play and see what opportunities for job success open up.

Change - When What I Do Is Not What I Want To Do, I Must Change

Many people recognize that they must change but they don’t know-how. Some cannot face their need to change. They claim they are just fine. When they wake up to the possibility for change in their life to bring success, they are the only ones who can set the new mindset into motion.

To change the habits of the mind, one must rehearse new messages. Refer back to the negative rehearsals above. Some suggestions for a change to positive statements will be made, then the reader can think of some that apply to them.

  • "There are jobs available in the next town I can apply for. A move could be an adventure."
  • "A teaching education is a wonderful preparation for many other jobs."
  • "My grandfather was a successful farmer and my father a valuable factor worker. There is success in our family."
  • "I’ve finished resting from job hunting and I’m ready to start again."

Believe Anew - What I Now Tell Myself Is What I Believe and What I Believe Is Now What I Do

The cycle has now been reset. My mind will believe the new messages I rehearse and then I will take action on those new thoughts. "My family is successful," means, "I can get out there again because that’s the kind of family I come from."

A key to this change of mindset is to continue to rehearse the positive self-statements. Old habits sneak back in where a void has been created. The mind is thinking all of the time. When we don’t prompt our mind to think in a successful direction, old statements, that have been rehearsed for years, will move back in to fill the vacant spot.

You decide if you’re successful. Success is a mindset. After your thoughts and beliefs have been changed, use a method to plan achievement into your future. One is the A.C.T. method of Assertiveness, Consistency, and Tenacity. You are creative and strong and can now act on your behalf. You are a successful person—believe it!

About the author:

Timothy M. Wilson works as a content provider for He is interested in self-development and spiritual awakening. So he likes keeping up with modern tendencies of personal development. It helps him plan ahead and have time to do everything.

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