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How to Start Loving Yourself for
True Success and Happiness

They say that the key to total success and happiness in life is to love yourself. We also learn that before we can love someone else, we have to love ourselves first. But do you know how to love yourself? Do you even know the meaning of “love yourself”? Does loving yourself means ignoring other peoples’ feelings?

Here Are Some Ways You Can Start Loving Yourself:

1. Define who you are, accept it, and enjoy everything that makes you unique

The key to self-love is accepting who you are. To do that, you must first define who you are. Every human being is original and uniquely talented. Identify the things you do well, conditions where you thrive, the activities that make you happy, and use that to understand who you are as a person.

When you nail down the attributes that make you unique, you’ll feel special, and it becomes much easier to love yourself. The other side to that involves identifying your flaws.

It is easy to ignore attributes about ourselves that are not positive. Yet, doing so is key to making peace with yourself. Change the bad habits you have and accept the imperfections that you cannot remove from your life.

Self-love comes from a holistic acceptance of everything about yourself. Your grasp of your strengths and your weakness makes it easy to pick challenges you know you can tackle and avoid paths that will not bring you success and fulfillment.

According to Roy Disney,

“When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier.”

A healthy dose of self-love will serve as the foundation for a successful life. You should stop trying to be someone you are not, and instead love everything that makes you unique and accept everything about your life that cannot be changed.

2. Understand that no human being is perfect

There is no perfect living creature. You must remind yourself of this fact before punishing yourself for little mistakes.

If you only demand perfection from yourself, then you can never love yourself. This is simply because you are not perfect; nobody is perfect.

However, this is not an excuse to embrace mediocrity; you must always strive to be the best you can be. You are not perfect, but you have your strengths, and you can use them to accomplish any goal you set for yourself in life.

However, you also have weaknesses. Loving yourself means you will first accept those weaknesses and then strive to improve upon them.

When you accept that you are not perfect and you make peace with your flaws, it will become easy to accept who you are and to love everything about yourself.

3. Learn to deal with setbacks and negativity

Life is hard, and you cannot go through life without ups and downs. How you deal with the curve balls that life throws at you will determine how happy you are. If you are happy, it is easier to love the person you see in the mirror.

Another thing you must learn to deal with is negativity. The negative words and actions of others can have a profound impact on how we see ourselves.

You may receive negative comments from others, such as your boss, your colleagues, and even your loved ones. If you let these comments define who you are, you will lose yourself in an abyss of negativity.

A person who feels negative about himself cannot love himself.

You must accept the fact that you cannot always control the actions of others and learn to deal with the negative thoughts that will arise when you are battered with rude comments.

Remind yourself of your abilities, know your worth, and reframe the negative input with positive assertions of your self-worth.

4. Surround yourself with people that inspire you

Some people have it bad. They do not love themselves, and they also surround themselves with people who encourage this pathetic view of themselves.

The people in your life are often a reflection of who you are. If you lack self-love and self-esteem, then it is likely that you spend most of your time with people who share similar attributes.

To love yourself and to be successful in life, you must surround yourself with people who will add value to your life. People who are happy and comfortable with who they are and will never judge you harshly because you don’t fit in, or you are not perfect.

Loving yourself is key to a rewarding and purposeful life. It becomes easier to love yourself when you are surrounded by people who love the real you, who are always supportive and who cherish your dreams and aspirations in life.


True happiness and lasting success will come with a sound understanding of who you are. When you have learned to be true to yourself, authentic, and like who you are, you will have the key to an inspired and successful life.

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