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Your Daily Walk with the Great Minds of the Past and Present

Introduction to the book by Richard A. Singer Jr.

"Words are the physicians for the mind diseased." —Aeschylus

I have been chosen by a much higher source than myself to unveil the components of my successful life transformation with those who are open to it across the globe. The specific books, quotations, meditations, and journaling segments written about in this book had the power to lift me up from the streets and transform me from a homeless drug addict in desperate pain to a successful human being living the life of my dreams on a tropical island in the Caribbean.

I am giving you my foundation that was inspired by the energy of this vast and miraculous universe. Each quote, meditation, and journal is meant to be applied each specific day of your life and in each exact situation that you encounter. Absolutely nothing happens in this world by coincidence and the same goes for this daily guide for transforming your life. These daily guides will synchronize you with your desired journey of success and align you with your universal purpose.

"Most collectors collect tangibles. As a quotation collector, I collect wisdom, life, invisible beauty, souls alive in ink." —Terri Guillments

This book is not meant to be read like a traditional book. This book is a daily guide for personal growth and genuine, spiritually grounded success for you and the world around you. Each day you will enter the inner world of one of the universe's great minds and be gently guided to living a life your higher-self desires for you and a life of immense contentment and peace.

This book contains basic principles that will transform your life and assist in your journey of success and prosperity. An added benefit is the profound effect it will have on those human beings around you and the world as a whole. The changes you make will benefit the entire universe. Thus, the world will be changed by each person practicing the principles of this book one day at a time. My hope is that enough people will choose to apply these principles diligently and persistently in order to bring about a tremendous and astonishing change in the world around us. With much effort, humanity will begin to change one day at a time.

Remember, keep your thoughts in the day and be mindful of every moment that you experience. This approach is centered on the now, which is all we have. The daily quote, meditation and your personal journaling will guide you on your journey each day and will synchronize your life with the blueprint imbedded into your soul. Trust in this, believe in this, and diligently practice this daily program and you will be astonished at what you will achieve in your life and who you will become. I wish you the best on the most influential journey of your life. Pass this book on when finished, recommend it, and give it as a gift. I cannot wait to see the transformation that this book has on your life and humanity as a whole.

"Each night I go to sleep I die and the next morning when I wake up I am reborn again." —Gandhi

This daily meditation journal combines strategies and personal change techniques to most effectively help you transform your life. These strategies and techniques have been shown in recent research to help people change when they have the internal desire to do so. I will briefly describe these specific aspects of the guide. My hope is that you can utilize them in order to maximize the change in your life and those around you.

  1. Modeling - The quotations from these great minds will give you the opportunity to do what they did to achieve maximum success and greatness. You have the ability and capacity to believe what they believed and to think how they thought. You have the great opportunity to take a lesson from these great minds and carry on their success and brilliance in your life. The quotes contained in this guide are the keys they left us to unlock the hidden radiance in our lives. I think it's common sense to do what other human beings have done if you want what they achieved. William James recommended this years ago when he said, "act as if." Pretend that you are successful; fake that you are who and what you want to be. No one will know you are pretending; if they do, who cares anyway. Act like this each day and you will become it.
  2. Bibliotherapy - This is very simple, reading helps people gain knowledge, insight, and understanding to change. Reading the monthly-suggested books gives you the additional tools you need to succeed and become the person you yearn to be.
  3. Meditation (Mindfulness) - This aspect teaches you and allows you the opportunity to experience the gift of the moment and the precious gift of life. This asks you to be open and truly live each moment of the day while applying the daily guidance provided in this book. Apply it and practice it throughout the day and this will make each quote, each meditation, and each principle a permanent element of you.
  4. Journaling - This book contains a specific section each day for you to write your thoughts, your plan on application of the meditation, your feelings, and your current beliefs. This section is provided for you to express whatever comes to mind. Journaling is an important part of the program and has proven to be very effective in change and the healing of human beings.
  5. Visualization - Each day, I encourage you to visualize yourself living and practicing each meditation and quotation. Visualize your growth spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. Visualize your transformation, your future success, and the life you long for. If you truly visualize and feel these results, you are certain to achieve them.
I hope you find this program helpful to you. It changed my life and I continue to practice these techniques on a daily basis, making my life and being only that much better. Welcome to your daily journey and the beginning of the transformation of your being.

Your Daily Walk with the Great Minds of the Past and Present
About the author: Richard A. Singer Jr. is a practicing psychotherapist living in the Cayman Islands. He is formerly of Pennsylvania and has a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology. His daily inspirations have been included as part of "Chicken Soup for the Recovering Soul," from the bestselling Chicken Soup series. His own recovery from addiction impassioned him to help others find courage, determination and peace, and has made what some would call 'work' the love and purpose of his life.
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