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Believe In Your Success And You Will Achieve Its

By Mohammad Shafi'e

“I believe I can fly.” I bet you have heard that song before. It is a nice and simple song that has a very deep and motivational theme. That theme is to believe in yourself. But what are beliefs? Beliefs are basically a set rules you abide by in your mind and life that govern the way you think and act.

What can beliefs do for you? Or how do beliefs affect you? Beliefs enable you to distinguish & differentiate right from wrong. If you have always believed that playing with matches is dangerous and wrong, you will most probably sway away from playing with a pack of matches and start setting things ablaze.

How else do beliefs affect you? Beliefs can motivate and steer you towards a certain course of focused action or actions that can eventually lead to you achieving your goals, desires, aspirations and ultimately your success. For example, if you believe that it is of utmost importance that you drive a car rather than take public transport in order to travel more accessibly and conveniently to various locations such as work, the grocery shop or your relative’s home, you will probably work towards getting a driver’s license. You will then prepare yourself by enrolling in driving lessons, consistently attending those lessons, getting tips from your instructor on how to drive better and learning from your mistakes. You will eventually be screaming in excitement when you finally pass the driving test and get your driver’s license.

Have you ever had the experience where you truly, completely believe in something and it actually came true? Like the time when you believed that your mom will cook your favorite chicken curry and she actually did or the time when you truly completely believed that you can win a race and you actually did win it and came in first place. It is not impossible to truly believe in something, then take effective actions and see it come true.

However, most people are hindered from successfully achieving their believes and goals because of something known as self-limiting beliefs. What are self limiting beliefs and what effects do they have on you? Self-limiting beliefs are negative beliefs in your mind that tend to have negative effects on you. They can lead to procrastination and laziness, destroy and dampen your hopes and aspirations, bring down your morale and deviate you from your intended successful path and goal.

Some of the most detrimental self-limiting beliefs include believing that certain tasks are too difficult or impossible to achieve and believing that you cannot succeed in a certain field although numerous people have already succeeded in that field. Internet marketing is very relevant example that can be illustrated here. There have been numerous cases of successful online marketers yet many people still believe that being a successful online marketer is totally difficult and downright impossible. They believe that they cannot succeed in marketing a product and making tons of cash online and eventually do not set out to do it. Hence, it is critically important that you conquer your self-limiting beliefs if you ever want to be successful.

So the next time your self limiting fear is getting in the way of your path to success, conquer and overcome them by asking yourself these questions:

1) What will and can I do if I know I cannot fail?

2) What effective steps and actions should I take to ensure that I will not fail or reduce my rate of failure?

3) Who are the successful people in the field I am trying to succeed in now and how I can I emulate them and their actions?

Always remember that when you believe that you are worthy of your success, and you show it in the things that you do consistently, you will definitely achieve it.

Mohamad Shafi’e is founder of StraTeachgic Success, where he reveals accelerated life-long learning and personal development success secrets. He has over 12 years of tutoring, teaching, mentoring and coaching experience with over 1200 students in the fields and technologies of personal development and human potential maximization.

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