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So What Do You Really Want?!

By Henk J.M. Schram

By now you know that your mind is a pretty powerful thing. I illustrated this at some length in my previous article on reality creation (found here). To summarize, we can say that the mind is very powerful and can be applied to create almost anything that you really want in life, if one condition is met. That one condition is that your mind needs to be focused on what you really want.

But I can hear you already: "Yeah, yeah... I've heard this a thousand times already, focus on what you want and you get more of what you want. Blah, blah, what else is new..."

Before you even think of clicking this article away because you've heard this more than a thousand times, hang on! The thing is that there's a catch to this story that I really want to make you aware of...

You're probably thinking that you already know this. After all, many others have already emphasized the fact that you should 'focus on the good things in life' and tell you that you'll get more of these if you do. The thing is that many people only have an intellectual awareness of this. But that doesn't mean they really know the catch. You see, in many cases the people fail to realize one crucial thing. Or at least they forget to give sufficient emphasis to it.

What we're touching upon here could be the crux of the matter and the main reason why so many people can't seem to create a life of happiness or even the one of their dreams, even when they know about the principles of life ('universal laws' if you will). So how can that be? How is it possible that even when you know about these 'universal laws', you still can't seem to 'get what you really want'?

This is actually one of the first things that you should give your attention to if you haven't done so already. In fact, this is the very foundation for your 'success,' whatever that is for you. Here's the thing...

Intellectually realizing that you should 'focus on the good things' and then repeating an affirmation all day long is not enough. Not that you're not doing enough, that's not really the point. You may actually be doing too much. The thing is that you shouldn't just be in tune with your image of success intellectually, but with your whole being. But how do you do this?

I went into some of the details in the earlier article on the 'law of attraction' and success. The moral of that story was that success is what you define it to be. It's not some artificial image imposed by someone else or some institution of what you are supposed to be or have in order to be considered 'successful' by them.

Instead, success is a measure for the extent to which you have managed to realize who you feel you are deep inside, or who you feel you should be. It's about you defining who you are and then living that image.

Next, in order to be 'successful' (whatever that is for you), you should be in tune with that image that you've defined yourself. And you should be in tune with it from top to toe (even the private parts) and every single level of your being.

Why every single level? Because you may be able to fool your conscious mind (your intellect), but you won't be able to fool the subtle levels on which your deepest feelings come into play. And to stick with the common 'Law of Attraction' terminology, it's on these 'subtle' levels where the true exchange of 'vibrations' takes place.

You know, there's a part of you that transcends your intellect. That part is actually who you really are. It's your infinite awareness, your individual perspective in the 'ocean of consciousness' that I talk about in our courses.

Once you've defined who you are, by acknowledging who you are deep inside, you really can 'attract everything you really want'. But you can do that only if you stop going with your 'intellect' all the time, and start listening to the 'infinite awareness' part of yourself.

You need to start listening to your intuition! This is crucial in 'making the Law of Attraction work for you.' But sadly, few people are doing this, because they're too busy trying to attract things that would get them other people's confirmation of their alleged success. But like we've been saying all along, when it comes to 'success and the Law of Attraction, it's not about other people's measures of success. Success is what you define it to be, according to your values, your image of who you are, and your intuition (infinite awareness). Let's try to illustrate this...

Quite simply, if you're five-feet two and thin as a rake, then it's safe to say that your destiny is not to be world heavyweight boxing champion. That's something you just intuitively know. You may still consciously intend to be, and stick pictures of Rocky Balboa drinking his raw eggs and Evander Holyfield beating up Mike Tyson on your fridge and bathroom mirror, and you can lift weights all you like. But you'd be swimming up against the stream. You'd be pursuing something that's not really you. And thus, the path won't be laid out for you. You'd never get there 'like magic' and 'easily'.

And even in the highly unlikely case that you would get there, chances are you wouldn't feel fulfilled and happy anyway. You'll go through a lot of trouble for a long period of time, only to find out in the end that you've been trying to 'manifest' something that you didn't really want in the first place.

The fact that most people pursue (try to 'attract') things they don't really want, but only think they want to have others confirm their alleged 'success', is the main reason why they can't make the 'Law of Attraction' work for them. You can't fool the core of who you are.

Sure, you're free to pursue things you don't really want, but you won't 'attract' and 'manifest' these things 'like magic.' When you try to 'attract' and 'manifest' stuff you don't really want, the path will be bumpy. Life will seem 'hard.'

So the keyword is 'really.' What do you really want?

Life doesn't have to be hard. It's a matter of choice: You can simply acknowledge who you are. You can define yourself according to your own values and live that image. You can stop being who or what others think you're supposed to be, and you can start being yourself.

And you think that that will never get you what you really want? Well think again. Being who you truly are inside is what you really want. If that involves an Infinity-like 'hip' car as mentioned in our previous article on success, then great! If it doesn't and you think cars are stupid, stop trying to 'attract a hip car' strictly for the sake of it, or for the confirmation of others of your 'alleged' success.

You don't have to prove anything to anyone. You are you, and you are free to be you. And once you acknowledge this, you will find that you'll suddenly 'go with the flow' much more, instead of swimming up against the stream. After all, you'll have a much easier time focusing on what you really want. You practically focus on that automatically, because you're being you all the time. Indeed, all levels of you will be 'in tune' with each other, inner conflicts will disappear, emotional distress will disappear, and all pieces of the puzzle of life will seem to fall into place.

Your infinite awareness will guide you, if you decide to listen to your intuition and act on your inspirations. You'll find that being you and being happy with yourself for who you really are, is the starting point from which all else follows. And from there, you can playfully want things, even material 'wealth' such as 'Infinity'-like cars.

However, 'playfully' means that you won't need that material wealth anymore to confirm that you are who you think you're supposed to be. The difference is that you don't need any external validation anymore for the fact that you're okay already. That's the basis of attracting stuff you really want.

It's a similar thing with money. Most people consciously think they want a lot of money. But they don't. What they really want is to be who they are deep inside and do the things they want to do. Money may be convenient for doing the stuff you want to do, but in the end it's still about doing the stuff you want to do, and not about the stuff that may make it seem easier for you to do. Once you acknowledge that, money is no longer an end in itself, but only a means to be able to do the things you want to do.

And we've heard it countless times... Once people start to focus on the things they truly want to be and do deep inside, money is suddenly not an issue anymore. It's just there, as a means. No need to pursue it anymore as the main focus and end goal in life.

Anyway, once you start being who you really are (or who you define yourself to be) deep inside, you'll simply know that you're okay. You'll know that you're unique. By living that uniqueness, whatever that is, you'll be making your unique contribution to the world and provide a unique experience to the infinite awareness that you are in essence.

That's what you're here for. And while you're at it, you'll automatically be focusing on what you really want (which is being you and realizing your greatest definition of who you are, or think you should be). And you'll get inspired to go to places and to do certain things. Once you do those things, once you take those actions, you are "creating your own reality", by making 'real' what you have thought into existence.

You create. And that's the secret. And you know it. All you need to do is to remember it. Who YOU are, who YOU define YOURSELF to be, determines what you REALLY want in life.

Yes, you can have anything you want, anything you REALLY want that is... But what you REALLY want depends on who you REALLY are, and who you REALLY define yourself to be. That has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO with what society or others think who you are supposed to be, or what you are supposed to have.

So what is your passion? What is your dream? What makes you feel happy and fulfilled? All in all: What does your intuition tell you?

When you make the choice of 'who you are' (the intent), or in other words, when you set the definition of who you are, you'll project the 'frequency', the 'vibration' that relates to that intent. The deeper you know what you intended will happen, and the less you merely hope, the more powerful the 'vibration' you broadcast.

You are defining yourself right now. Everything you think, say and do, declares who you really are. And everything you think say and do, follows from who you really are. How you react to the situations you're presented with in your life defines who you are and follows from who you are. And thus what you 'attract,' or rather create during your life, defines who you are and follows from who you are.

So there's only one question that remains that can only be answered by you... Who the hell are you?!

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