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By Remez Sasson

This word has a beautiful sound. Repeat it aloud several times: "Success, success, success..." Now, what has happened? Depending on your mental and emotional make, and on the mood of the moment, there are two possibilities. You may become inspired, happy and elated, or despondent, unhappy and with feeling self-pity. You may start telling yourself how miserable you are, and that success is not for you.

It may sound strange, but thoughts about success can evoke negative feelings. People who entertained negative thoughts and feelings most of their lives, expect failure and do not feel worthy of success. If they have experienced lack and failure, they may believe that success is not intended for them. In this case everything connected with success may evoke negative feelings. BUT IT NEED NOT BE SO. YOU HAVE THE ABILITY AND POWER TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Moods have much to do with how we feel towards life. They come and go during the day. They are like the influence of the wind on a flag. Now it is fluttering this way, a moment later, in a different direction. What about developing the ability to control the wind, so you can decide in which direction the flag should turn?

When your thoughts and moods are under your control, then to a large measure, your life is also under your control. You become the deciding factor, not your moods or outside influences. In order to navigate your life, concentration and will power need to be developed.

Concentration and will power are the steering wheel, with which you can navigate the boat of your life towards material success, and towards peace of mind.

Why is it that people desire success? There is a desire for growth in each one of us. It is the cosmic desire for expression. It manifests itself in every form of life. We even see it in a blade of grass, whose desire to grow is so strong, that it may grow through a crack in the pavement or on the wall. This is a desire for growth, expression, action, and in human beings it manifests also as the desire for reward for something well done.

We can describe success as plans, desires or intentions, whether material or spiritual, which were actualized in a favorable way. They may bring satisfaction and happiness. I say 'may bring' for two reasons. The project or goal may succeed, but it may not bring any happiness. Sometimes we pursue ambitions and desires, which if we cared to analyze before starting to manifest, we might have come to the conclusion that we do not really want them.

The second reason is that there are people who are always unsatisfied and worried. Even when they get their desires fulfilled they stay unhappy. They seem unable to enjoy the glorious moment of success.

The best attitude is to think and analyze each ambition and desire before starting to realize it, and then, when achieved, enjoy the happiness of success. Thoughts, attitudes and habits can be changed. I know it to be a fact. Entertaining only positive thoughts and feelings make you happier and more receptive to success. Being positive bestows the ability to enjoy the glorious moments of success.

Take it as a challenge, and become committed to be conscious of your thoughts and feelings. When negative thoughts enter your mind replace them with positive ones. Make it as a sort of a game. If you are sincere in your efforts, after a while you will surely notice the change in you, and in the attitude of people towards you. This of course will have its effect on your environment and your success.

Remez Sasson writes and teaches about self-improvement, positive thinking, creative visualization, success, the powers of the mind, as well as spiritual growth, peace of mind and meditation. He is the author of several books, and the publisher of the biweekly ezine, "Consciousness and Success". In his articles and books he provides practical instructions, advice, guidance and exercises leading to self-improvement, spiritual growth, happiness and success. You can find his books and read many of his articles at his website, Success Consciousness.
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