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Reasons You Should Start Wearing a Wristwatch


It was during World War I that soldiers got tired of fishing around their pockets to find their pocket watches. The soldiers started wearing their pocket watches as a bracelet. Until then, any watch worn on a bracelet was considered ladies’ fashion.

Though ridiculed by most people as a silly trend, wristwatches soon became an outstanding norm as it made pocket watches obsolete. However, the modern wristwatch doesn’t seem to disappear any time soon. Reputable watches such as Tudor Heritage Black Bay, Rolex, and others have stood the test of time. So, why should the modern man wear these amazing wardrobe accessories? After all, they can still check their cell phones if they want to check the time. Here are the reasons you start wearing a wristwatch...

1. These accessories are convenient

Cell phones won’t keep you punctual. Your watch will do. Besides, a wristwatch is the most convenient way of telling the time. Most experts are questioning the adverse effects associated with constant cell phone use. And fishing for a phone from your pocket or purse on regular just to check time makes you look desperate. Here are some high quality slim watches.

Just a quick glance towards your wristwatch is the easiest way to keep all necessary tabs on time during a meeting or a date. It is also rude to your companions if you pull out your phone during a meeting or an important conversation. Some occasions such as a funeral, bench, a wedding, and more require you to keep your phone concealed. A watch will be a more convenient way to check the time.

2. Wristwatches are functional

Have you ever realized that nearly all items inspired by the military have functional use? A wristwatch isn’t an exception. These items were first used by the military during World War I to synchronize maneuvers during the war successfully. Ever since that time, specialized wristwatches have been used high up in the sky and deep in the ocean and land as well.

One of the common benefits of using a wristwatch over a cell phone is how long it can successfully operate in the field. Most watches are made to either use a low amount of energy from the battery or self-powered through motion. Now think of the many years of maintenance-free time-telling and compare this to your cell phone’s eight hours!

Besides, there are complicated watches created with stunning features beyond just the basic function of showing date and time. Some watches feature outstanding features such as chronograph. It allows the watch to function as a stopwatch. Another amazing feature is the moonphase, which can display the lunar phase.

3. Wristwatch offers simplicity

According to most watch lovers, the best wristwatches don’t use the latest tech. They are often powered by some kind of ingenious mechanical clockwork tech that predates electric power. Thus, when your smartphone runs out of power, you can trust the tech that keeps your wrist watch running.

Besides, when wearing you’re your watch, you are less likely to fall back on your phone as a distraction. According to experts, the habit of checking your phone regularly for a time might result in a rabbit-trail of activities such as checking each email, messenger app, and even social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

If you want to keep track of something important like time, it is wise to get a unique device to measure and manage it accurately. A wristwatch is such an important device.

4. Your wristwatch signals your style

Generally, the range of acceptable jewelry for a man is very limited. Most men are seen with three major accessories decorating their hands. These include a great watch, a simple wedding band if they are married, and a stylish pair of cuff links.

In addition to helping their users keep time and stick to their set schedules, wristwatches can make it easier for the wearer to display their style. Keep in mind that these accessories are some kind of self-expression. Your watch can reflect a hint of adventure, danger, and sports depending on its make.

Therefore, your watch can communicate a lot about your personality. If you prefer a bit of high-status bling on your wrist, then, an outstanding watch like Rolex can be an understated, incredibly masculine, and a timeless accessory. As the famous saying goes, boys check their cell phones to tell time – men look at a classy watch.

You may call it whatever you will, a luxurious wristwatch is every man’s equivalent to the engagement ring.

Every lady and gentleman can rock a wristwatch. Having a classy watch is a great way to add interest to your outfit. Therefore, it is recommended to find a wristwatch that clearly stands out from the rest. It could be the start of a lasting friendship.

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